X360: TNA iMPACT! Review

Regardless, any criticism one can throw at Impact!, though, is swiftly overwritten by how solid the gameplay is and how much of a decent first effort this is. Come TNA 2, which is officially in production, and with the bells and whistles gamers expect from a sequel, there's every chance they will have an absolute monster on their hands. Again, it's a fair criticism that this is painfully lacking in features, but that doesn't mean its good core should be completely brushed under the rug.

After all, if it was the other way around – with a ton of extras but lacklustre gameplay – just as many would complain. Impact! has successfully accomplished exactly what it set out to do and that's to make a place for itself within the wrestling genre. There's certainly still room for both Midway's effort and SmackDown, but X360 has a feeling next year will be very interesting.

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