Microsoft’s Game Pass and the Future of Video Game Retailers

Have videogame retailers gotten the short end of the stick with regard to Microsoft's upcoming Game Pass that is offering unlimited games even day one exclusive titles?

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PhoenixUp286d ago

I’d wait to see if third party publishers get on board with this before spouting doom and gloom articles for retailers

DJStotty286d ago

I cant remember the last time i went to a brick and mortar store to buy a game. I just order online or buy digital

284d ago
ILostMyMind284d ago

Order online still is retail.

DJStotty284d ago


Hence why i stated i havent visited a brick and mortar store. Amazon is a lot different to a dedicated games retailer like Game.

darthv72284d ago

I predict retailers will be perfectly fine. This is not a service for those who buy their games but one for those who rent them.

DJStotty286d ago

why are they bothered? I thought it was all about the playstation domination these days?

They can still sell physical, Microsoft are still shipping physical, most people will still buy physical. I dont see the issue. Yes it will tempt more people to get the game pass (me included as i was planning on getting 3 microsoft exclusives this year so far).

If retailers werent ripping off the consumer with trade ins and then marking the price up double/triple then people will stick with physical more. Why am i going to pay £50 for 1 game, play for a month or 2, get £5 back as trade in, just for them to sell my pre-owned copy for £35. I can just pay £7.99, have the same game for 6 months, and then buy with a 20% discount if i enjoy the game.

Win win for gamers

sk8ofmnd284d ago (Edited 284d ago )

Yeah, exactly what phoenix up said...

I highly doubt most third partys would even want to do this as it would cut into their game sales where otherwise ppl would have paid 60 to own a physical copy of a game or download it digitally full price.

This seems like more of a ms move than a gaming tradition in general. Im really wondering what happens if this is hugely successful and many ppl would rather pay 10$ than buy games outright for 60. When you can pay 10 for a month and beat all ms 1st party games... what happens if ms 1st partys sales take a huge hit because of gamepass?

Wouldnt that mean less $ for devs, less sequels for games, and more developer closures? Im really wanting to know what type of effect this will have on ms's platform.