When Will Destiny 2 Be Worth Playing Again?

A lot of information has come out from Bungie over the last few months, and we’re going to pool it all in one easy-to-skim place. TL;DR: When will Destiny 2 be worth playing again?

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AnubisG311d ago

The ship as sailed with that one. Userbase is sharply dropping. Youtubers are abandoning it as well. Destiny 2 is a good example how greed and laziness can ruin something.

UCForce311d ago

Now Destiny Player switch to Monster Hunter World.

AnubisG311d ago

Don't believe that dumb article. Destiny is a very different game. In my old destiny clan, maybe 3 out of 50 got MHW. So, no, they don't switch to MHW.

Sono421311d ago

This game will be worth playing again when the fanbase stops buying their games. Why will they change when they already have your money and you keep buying the sequels? and season passes. If you ACTUALLY want change quit buying them, it's simple. But I am willing to bet my entire savings destiny 3 is no different and the fanbase still buys it and the season pass in droves and then complain about it again. It's like the definition of addiction.

sawoosevens311d ago

Its a true shame too, that game has potential that is not of this world yet they still messing things up.

81BX311d ago

Agreed. Gamers piss and moan about a lot of things but when it's flat out unforgivable the sales will drop and so will the user base. Treat gamers right and reap the rewards. Lessons learned.

UCForce311d ago

Even two games are different. But the similar of two games are the lifestyle. Because Destiny lifestyles was hollow and unsatisfying and Monster Hunter World lifestyle is rewarding and satisfying.

AnubisG311d ago

To each their own I guess.

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Knushwood Butt311d ago

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away

Sgt_Slaughter311d ago

Why did anyone think they would change from Destiny to Destiny 2? It was set up for massive failure from Day 1. From the moment they were boasting about Destiny being a ten year game, it was downhill from there.

tazmeah311d ago

“Why did anyone think they would change from Destiny to Destiny 2?”

The funny thing here is that the community is mad BECAUSE it has changed so much from Destiny 1.

Pro Tip: You should probably do some research before commenting. You won’t look so uninformed and silly.

Sgt_Slaughter311d ago

You misinterpreted my comment. I didn't mean changed as in mechanics or gameplay, I meant with the way they handled things the first time, and now have handled Destiny 2 even worse. This is actually pathetic considering how well they did with Halo for about a decade.

Pro Tip: Don't assume what someone is meaning by the words that they use next time. You won't look so uninformed and silly.

HeyNowChillax311d ago

When the season pass is 20 bucks and the content is there to back it up.

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