HardGame2 (Spain) reviews Saints Row 2 (9/10)

Spanish website writes (This story has been translated by Google translator pages):

"I was very pleasantly surprised with Saints Row 2, since he has been able to combine a development fun, varied and longevity in a single game. In addition, it offers a lot of different possibilities that will allow us to play for a lot of hours, and without that development becomes heavy or repetitive.

Moreover, the story, the multiplayer options, graphics and sound are to live up to expectations.

One of the most interesting titles for the forthcoming Christmas.

The best: The scenes and the story. Development of the main roles very varied and exciting. The large number of activities and distractions, they offer a lot more fun to what is customary. The cooperative mode. Stilwater presents a very nice, and gives the impression of being a living city.

The worst: Some issues in the fight melee. Some fail on graphics. That has not been dubbed, and thus disturb the subtitles in some specific points.

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Batusai3541d ago

I'm from Spain and this is the best review that I have read until now.

Hydrolex3541d ago

Good reviews keep comin