Five New Characters I Want In 'Super Smash Bros.' For Nintendo Switch

Although it hasn't been confirmed yet, we all know 'Super Smash Bros.' is coming to Nintendo Switch. Here are 5 new characters I want thrown into the mix.

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3-4-5250d ago

* Dragon Quest XI hero

-Foxtrot250d ago

Crash? Lol

If we didn't get him in Playstation All Stars then no chance.

The 10th Rider250d ago (Edited 250d ago )

Why? Sony doesn't own him and Smash is a far bigger franchise. I don't think he will be a character but I'm certain that Activision would be more likely to sign a deal to get him into Smash than they would to get him into PABR. It's not like Activision cares about where the character originated.

-Foxtrot250d ago

No but he’s associated more

It’s a slap to the face when lots of us asked for him and others like Snake/Cloud who did get in Smash when All Stars and those characters are more known on that console

Who’s next? Lara Croft

The 10th Rider250d ago (Edited 250d ago )


Yeah, I'm not denying that, I agree with that.

What I'm saying is that I don't think Activision cares whatsoever about that. All they see is dollar signs and in that case Smash is actually a better fit because it's such a huge franchise. Because of that I don't think that Crash's absence from PASBR means anything about his chances in Smash.

I personally think Crash should not be in Smash and that an appearance in PASBR would have made sense. I don't think that Activision looks at it the same way.

TekoIie250d ago (Edited 250d ago )

To be honest PSAS:BR's roster raises all sorts of questions as to how some characters did and didn't get included.

Isaac Clarke, Colonel Radec and Toro? I dont think these are even close to being called "All-Stars" or the best the system has to offer.

Personally dissapointed with no Spyro though :/

septemberindecember250d ago

Cloud and Snake weren't in Playstation All Stars, yet they made it in Smash. Never say never!

DJK1NG_Gaming250d ago

LOL we heard that one before with Ryu and Cloud.

249d ago
Kikutaro250d ago

The tradition of smash is if a character was starred in a game on Nintendo’s console before,than he/she is qualified,doesn’t have anything to do with that Playstation All Stars game.Snake and Cloud was on Twin Snakes and Kingdom Hearts GBA before,so they were put in,since Crash was on multiple games on nintendo consoles before plus the upcoming Trilogy port this year,I’d not be surprised if he will be in smash

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alex101594250d ago

ALL I wanted was Bayonetta and got her, Cloud, and Mewtwo. If I can pick 5 characters from Nintendo or Nintendo-related franchises they'd be Rex &/or Pyra/Mythra, Twintelle, Inkling, Lopunny, & Skyrim hero.

BadElf250d ago

ZACK AND WIKI!!! Come on!
No one ever says them!! No one!

Last_Boss250d ago (Edited 250d ago )

King Mickey w/Key Blade
Marina from Mischief Makers
Master Higgins