Should Celebrities Keep Out of Gaming?

Celebrities can do whatever they'd like thanks to the money they have. Does that mean they should make games?

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stokedAF314d ago

They can do whatever they want. I know I wouldn’t put them in my game as an actor. I would save a massive amount of money by hiring up-and-comers and lesser knowns.

Godmars290314d ago

Its that their "interest" is often paid that's the issue.

stokedAF314d ago

Like charity work? Why would you be mad about that?

Godmars290314d ago

More like advertising.

Exactly like advertising really.

stokedAF314d ago

You mean they play games to advertise a new show or whatever? What’s wrong with advertising? I don’t get it Lol.

Are you saying they aren’t genuinely fans of gaming so they should keep out? Yeah, I don’t agree with that at all. Seems a bit bitter to me.

Godmars290314d ago

Stop interneting. Just stop.

stokedAF314d ago

lmao! Ok, a lot bitter apparently. I’m not the one getting triggered by advertising... “stay out mah club, get off my internets!” Real gamers only dood!

Godmars290314d ago

Not so much, whatever it is you're may be suggesting, but more your apparent lack of thought. You don't seem to be thinking. Comprehending. At all.

stokedAF314d ago

Maybe because you aren’t articulate enough to explain. How about telling me what you mean instead of getting mad at my wrong examples of your 3 word responses. Or how about you just stop responding to me so I don’t have to fill in your blanks, you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about.

SinisterKieran313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

he doesn't mean advertising their show, he means they're getting paid to pretend to have an interest in their game and sell it when in fact they've probably, more then likely never touched a game in their lives.
at least thats what i'm taking away.

like the youtubers/actors they hire for e3...god i remember the battlefield one celeb match. it was very cringe.
or the way kojima has hired all his favorite stars to be in his latest game.

sampsonon313d ago

famous people sell products that's why they get paid the big bucks.

stokedAF313d ago

Exactly. It’s just demographics. Celebrities advertise on game things to reach certain age group. It’s not rocket science and it’s nothing to be mad about lol. This is basic stuff.

stokedAF313d ago

That’s not what he said.

He said their “interests” are paid. And then he got mad because I don’t know what he meant by interests” lol. I guessed twice, you guessed once. We shouldn’t have to decipher his comment and he shouldn’t be a jerk just because we can’t comprehend his incoherent posts.

SinisterKieran312d ago

thats pretty much what he meant. they don't really like gaming, its just about money. i got that.

Godmars290312d ago

Quotation marks don't denote something that should be considered sarcastic, held in suspicion or questioned, when not directly quoting someone? Likewise you couldn't get what I was saying when specifically pointed out? Got upset and projected that onto me?

Though looking at my last comment, I did mess up on "you're". Should have just been "you may be suggesting".

And still, I am not understanding how hard it is to comprehend that if a celebrity personality, who's background has nothing to do with gaming, is in a commercial for a game that they were paid to be in it and otherwise have little to interest in that game.

3-4-5312d ago

Better Question:

Should continue to write articles ?

They are pure click bait and don't really serve a purpose to anyone.

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Mr-Dude314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

They should stay in movies not games

morganfell313d ago (Edited 313d ago )


rainslacker313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

I don't care if they talk about politics. I'd just prefer the be informed. If they can bring awareness to certain things, then more power to them. If they're going to be idiots and do things like tell people to not get their kids immunized, then they should be rightfully laughed at, instead of being given attention just because they're a celebrity. If anything, people should realize that celebrities aren't informed just because they're recognizable. Everyone should always do their own research when any topic comes up that is relevant to them.

I've seen some celebrities on things like Real Time which are obviously informed on some issues, and even very articulate in making an argument. But I do know that most of them really aren't worth giving much time to discuss important issues.

313d ago
sampsonon313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

they are citizens that have the same rights as you. god you're an ass.

and god, wouldn't it have been nice if the orangutan in office took your advice.

FallenAngel1984312d ago

Some movie actors make for great voice actors though

FallenAngel1984313d ago

I still hate how David Hayter was passed over for a Hollywood actor like Keifer Sutherland

drizzom313d ago

God knows how much that cost Konami. Sutherland did a good job as a voice actor but it just wasn't the same with how Hayter delivers the character of Snake. Its something difficult to be put into words. Theres a certain campiness that Hayter knows that just makes snakes character more enjoyable.

Godmars290313d ago

That's a whole other thing. Kojima dismissing an element of the game's lore and history, displaying he had no loyalty to Hayter as someone who helped to define his work, to do some star f**king.

And he maybe doing things with Death Standing, actually making the game and all, but the man is still star f**king while doing it.

D3TH_D33LR312d ago

It’s a crime to have talent working with you on a game? Who cares how many celebrities are in his games? If he has the money and talent are willing to work with him, why do you care. Spare some of that salt for these snow barren roads...

Godmars290312d ago

The whole point is that the talent may not actually be talented in the role needed for the game. That you like them has nothing to do with how good or bad they are, it only proves why they're there which is to exploit the fact that you like them.

Fist4achin313d ago

If they want to game, great, game. I dont think developers should pay extra for their voices just because they are famous. There are plenty of other people that have great voices and could use the work/pay.

sampsonon313d ago

so all these ads with famous actors like Morgan Freeman, Samuel Jackson, and so forth don't benefit the companies that keep paying them hundreds of thousands of dollars? if these companies didn't see the difference in their bottom line they wouldn't spend the money for these famous people. same with games.

Fist4achin313d ago

Just saying that using famous people and paying them insane amounts of money just for their voices is absurd. I work with people who have voices that sound exactly the same and they would do the work and benefit from the pay. Instead developers could channel any funds saved to another part of the overall game development.

SinisterKieran313d ago

in gaming at least it makes much less of a difference. evident with top selling games like gta v, mario, monster hunter, persona 5...i just don't think the actor matters as long as they sounds good and has good charisma.

sampsonon312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

@Fist4achin: when you hear certain actors voices you know exactly who it is. so no, not just any voice will have the same voice and do the same quality job. and i say again, these companies wouldn't fork over the cash f they weren't seeing results.
Mark Hamil's Joker is one of a kind and no one sounds or portrays that character the way he does.
so they will pay Mark big bucks to have him voice the joker in their games, not just some other voice actor.

i find it odd that a fact can get down votes.

Segata313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

That's a broad question. Thier personal hobby who cares if they do or not. At E3 and Award shows when you see "presented by" then yes keep them out. It doesn't make gaming look more legit. Never forget the character Kieth Apricary and all these celebs who don't play games at VGX and never heard of any of the games he listed. Some gave crap responses like "I only play the basic ones babe" WTF does that even mean!? I prefer people in the industry present E3 and award shows. We don't see Kojima hosting the Academy Awards. I don't need Jamie Fox at E3. As for acting in them. It's acting,it's what they do. It's voice acting and they are actors. Nothing wrong with it in general. Remember Ironside in Splinter Cell? So yeah.

sampsonon313d ago

but who really gives a shittt?

Godmars290313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

We do when it obviously effects game production. Notice it at least when a celebrity VA gives a flat performance where a practiced VA can put emotion into a role.

Not saying certain actors are bad, just that some aren't cut out for VA work.

sampsonon312d ago

@Godmars290: look at the top animated movies and the actors that brought some of those characters to life. Shrek: Mike Myers, Eddy Murphy, Cameron Diaz.
Toy Story: Tom Hanks, Tim Allen.
i could go on but it's easy enough to look up the rest. they pay these "actors" big bucks to voice act because people know who they're and they can "act" whether it's in front of a camera or sitting n front of a mic.

the point is acting is acting and if you have a good actor they can act in any medium.


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