The Problem With 'Games as a Service'

"Andrew and I chat about games as a service and how any of these games could potentially get shut down at any moment. As we have seen with games like Paragon, Gigantic, and Marvel Heroes Unlimited." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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Cy229d ago

If they get shut down it's because no one's playing them and no one's spending money on them. It's no different from games shutting down their MP servers. Stop pretending this is somehow a new phenomenon because you want to get clicks whining about digital games and loot boxes.

Goldby229d ago

well people were playing paragon, its just there wasn't as many new players staying with the game longer than a month, partially due to their drastic changes that happened to the game, went from a larger map to a smaller one and completely revamped the card system they used which was a big issue for alot of people, along with taking away the prime dunking (such a great feature)

on top of that Fortnite was needing alot of the support from epic to make BR what it is today, unfortunately the 5 million paragon players is dwarfed by the 45+ million users of Fortnite.

its a real shame because i paid money for Fortnite because of the support paragon was getting (i was an early access closed alpha tester) and now they are completely abandoning the game, instead of listening to the feedback from the actual users. i honestly wish i could get a refund on fortnite as the save the world base game isn';t getting nearly as much support as their F2P Battle royale mode.

ziggurcat229d ago

"... the save the world base game isn';t getting nearly as much support as their F2P Battle royale mode."

it's because they can't milk as much money out of you in the save the world mode.

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D3TH_D33LR229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

I’d argue that’s more an issue of resource management than a game deserving a pre mature death due to lack of interest. If lawbreakers can still be around with its lack of interest then... lol

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Jakens229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

TDU 2 was recently taken offline. It's playable though offline. That game released Feb 2011, almost 7 years when it was basically dead online. I'm happy for great support for so few players. They don't just kill every game after 3 months or one year, for the online side. The support is there.

thorstein229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

There are certain games that should be a service: All sports games: A yearly fee (say $10) to keep rosters up to date and improve the game and release teams and upgrades to the game. Then, in 5 years release the next engine.

But, the way things currently go, no thanks.

Goldby229d ago

Cod should be doing this as well.

D3TH_D33LR229d ago

Agreed. The full games worth the money if you’re playing campaign but there should be $30 options to buy just the multiplayer portion of the game.

Hardiman229d ago

I would be fine with that and like others have mentioned COD would be fine but this push to make all games fit into it is for the birds!

CP_Company229d ago

The Problem With 'Games as a Service' is that no one wants them.

OB1Biker229d ago

Even the name sounds like a scam.

FinalFantasyFanatic228d ago

For some reason GaaS just makes me think of Gas Lighting, anyway, most games don't reach Overwatch's level of success though.

kalkano229d ago

Since I don't play AAA games anymore, I rarely (if ever) have to worry about this. But, if I see this in a game I'm actually interested in, it just guarantees that I'll be waiting for a complete edition, even if it's over a year later. I don't do DLC, since it's digital only.

NapalmSanctuary229d ago

Ive been playing the hell out of Warframe. While its currently safe cause its so damn popular, there will come a day when the lights go out... and I damn well better have Oberon by then, or I'm gonna be pissed.

AAA has become so unnecessary. Nintendo is really the only company that is truly maintaining gaming's sense of adventure and discovery on that level. Sony is alright but almost everything they do has to be this story based gaming experience like TLoU. I miss the PS1/PS2 days when Sony's machines were known for everything... lots and lots of everything.

P_Bomb229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

I disagree. What are Nintendo’s best games? Generally IP from 30 years ago. Is that “lots and lots of everything”? Do they even have Warframe yet?

If you think almost everything Sony release has to be like TLOU, why aren’t you bouncing around Nioh, Nier, Nex Machina, Bloodborne, Ratchet, Journey, Resogun, Tearaway, MLB The Show, Persona, Yakuza, Horizon, Killzone, GT, TLG, LBP, GOW, NNK, SFV, NMS, DQB, Until Dawn, Hellblade, Gravity Rush, inFamous etc? That’s a heck of a lot of gameplay.

Reasons for liking games are subjective. If you hate every game I listed, that’s on you. But they’re there. I don’t have any lack of things to play post PS1/PS2.

TheCommentator229d ago

Who would have thought? An article from Playstation Enthusiast that sees problems with GaaS...

Only problem I see is that the author can't subscribe to Game Pass because they like Playstation.

AnubisG229d ago

There is Playstation Now on PS4. That is essentially GaaS.

TheCommentator229d ago

Yeah, you're right. I know there are other parts of GaaS that aren't related to subscription services too. This author just seems too whiny and I felt like mocking him a bit.

My position was clearly biased, but I just had to dig a little bit on whomever wrote the article because he sounds like one of those street preachers telling you the end of the world is upon us while holding up a Bible.

UCForce229d ago

I don’t like Gaas like PS Now and Game Pass.

FinalFantasyFanatic228d ago

I couldn't care for it either, I prefer a full on single player experience, or optional multi-player experience e.g. God Eater/Monster Hunter.

D3TH_D33LR229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

Games as service is model found in multiple games across both platforms. They’re not talking about either platforms subscription based services. It’s games as a service. There’s a difference lol

ImGumbyDammit229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

Actually the article implied they are one and the same. That all GAAS are the same in the end. Such services will end badly for all users. Not true. These games focused on here use a completely different model that requires users to pay at some point. A The death is generally caused by users wanting something for nothing. Even popular game using this model of free-play will shut its services if the users aren't going to support the underlying infrastructure with in-game purchases. In fact, he just didn't imply GAAS as these free-to-play are a failing exercise he implied all multi-player experiences will end badly.

ImGumbyDammit229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

This article is conflating two different types of monetized services. Gamers Pass and yes even PSNow are the actual games; you are essentially renting games on monthly basis. No different then buying the actual game itself when it comes to the gaming experience. Well, at least with Gamer's Pass the game experience the same; the games run no differently. So, if that server for MP dies for these games it dies for all versions of the game whether you buy it digitally, a physical medium or use GP or PSNow. Even if the MP aspect closes down, any SP aspect with any of these options will continue to run the same as well.

Whereas, these games this article points to have familiarity to the mobile pay to play model It is similar to games like Candy Crush. Hook you in with free play but, to get anywhere you really have to pay to play to advance onward. All these games in this model (the ones here) depend on that type of revenue and die without the coffers continuously being replenished by users purchasing in-game. This type of service is not special to anyone platform and has long existed in various forms over the years.

TheCommentator229d ago

I agree. I'd just woken up and haven't been well the last few days so I made a rather ignorant remark. It's no wonder why people all disagree with my OP, lol.

Thanks for your well mannered rebuttal, and I apologize for making the comment in the first place.

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