Dying Light is 3 Years Old, Techland Celebrates With Discounts, Free Stuff, and a Thank You Video

Pure PlayStation: Can you believe that Dying Light is three years old now? What’s more surprising is that the game’s developer, Techland, is still actively supporting the game with free downloadable content, and will continue to do so this year. To celebrate the third birthday of Dying Light, Techland is running some promotions.

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theXtReMe1225d ago

How about a Pro and X patch, also. This game deserves it.

224d ago
zaherdab224d ago

I was about to say that but i saw ur comment ... hope they would, would make me buy the game again for X or just the expansion pas for ps4

Liolite223d ago

I still dont understand why they havent and even know with all the updates

P_Bomb225d ago

Bought the Following enhanced edition on sale on a whim, platinumed the hell out of it. Fun zombie world to explore. Night genuinely had dread, making day time that much more enjoyable and relaxing lol! When Techland makes another I’m in, full price.

telgou224d ago (Edited 224d ago )

i'd say they are the second most dedicated/best developers after CD Projekt Red. added much content to their game in three years while most developers ignore their games after just one year.
also its free content.

nucky64224d ago

I'd say these guys are the best - the free content is amazing and they've supported their game much longer than witcher devs.


Meh, they are close on content, but The Witcher 3 has PS4 Pro and X1X enhanced patches, they need to jump on board with that!

Starman69224d ago

When is the next game coming out ffs lol 😆

Kosic224d ago

Thank us by making #2!

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The story is too old to be commented.