Gaming Hotties for Halloween: The Girls

Kevin Brock writes:

"For those who haven't stopped rocking to Rock Band at house parties, Halloween is approaching people. This Halloween is a special one too. Developers are providing ample amount of gaming eye candy for us. So when the holiday approaches and the moon rises, so does our enthusiasm for this years Gaming Hotties for Halloween: The Girls!"

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Harry1903422d ago

should obviously had been number 1. Dammit.

Harry1903422d ago

'have' instead of 'had'. My bad, can't edit, time is up.

Sitdown3422d ago

looks freaky.......she has a super sonic wedgie. I am pretty sure that her butt can eat people.

MelaDarkwood3422d ago

Agreed... It looks quite painful. =\

somesonyguy3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )


Maedhros3422d ago

It's an image bumped from the comic by Udon, and they sometimes have some pretty crazy art and do whacky things with anatomy.

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PainisCupcake3422d ago

Bloody yank prounounciation lol

Fade_Walker3422d ago

I've seen worse then Faith...even though it looks like she should be part of KISS.

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