Nintendo CEO Says 3DS Isn't Dead As Focus Shifts to Switch

The Nintendo 3DS is alive, though whether it's well is to be determined as Nintendo CEO Tatsumi Kimishima said that the 3DS business will continue to run parallel with the Switch business.

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Agent_00_Revan312d ago

Of course, you don't just abandon 75+ million owners of your device all at once. Who do you think they are, Microsoft?

_-EDMIX-_312d ago

I don't think they should abandon the 75 million in terms of people who own 3 DS and I believe they should keep making games for it as they transition but I believe those development should not hinder releases on the Nintendo switch, ie going forward like you're seeing with the Fire emblem I actually believe that any games releasing on 3 DS need to have switch versions instantly day and date.

I don't think they should be fragmenting their Market again as having developers make games for 3 DS is not going to help people who just purchased a Nintendo switch to have less people now working on the hardware.

Make em on both, easy.

gamer7804312d ago

eh? Microsoft has the only current gen console that even attempts at making older games compatible...

That said its pretty obvious that the phone market is Nintendo's new DS, they basically are supporting that and the Switch.

Shiken312d ago

There were 75+ mil WiiU owners?

_-EDMIX-_312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

@shiken-they had 100 million Wii owners and it did not stop them from turning off the online and stop selling it shortly after the Wii U's release.

I'm sorry but I don't see the 3 DS as any exception to their previous platforms. Even if Nintendo was going to quietly stop their releases I don't believe they were ever going to make some big announcement about it as they did the same thing with their previous platforms they simply promised they are going to continue support while they quietly phased it out.

So I would take what they're saying about continuing support with a grain of salt. Maybe they really intend to support it throughout the next couple years or maybe they're just finishing up releases and just saying this so they could keep moving units until the very end.

Will not be the first time Nintendo has done this and I don't really blame them from a business standpoint.

Knushwood Butt312d ago

Get your pre-order in for Detective Pikachu.

3-4-5311d ago

Wii U ? Seriously?

There are already more Switch's sold than Wii U's.

How is 14 million comparable to 75+ million?

Have you ever done math before?

Knushwood Butt310d ago

So it's perfectly OK for Nintendo to take a dump on 14 million of their customers?

You sound like a true Nintendo fan.

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PhoenixUp312d ago

Nintendo already abandoned a user base of 100+ million with Wii while Microsoft kept supporting Xbox 360 with a smaller userbase, so let’s not act like one company is always an angel while the other is always a devil

_-EDMIX-_312d ago


Nintendo has a habit of moving on to their next system pretty quickly but I believe based on their situation of being the main supporters of the platform it is a correct move.

Microsoft and Sony could at least rely on third parties as great reason to keep supporting their older systems.

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kevnb312d ago

A $99 or less 2ds xl would be huge.

PhoenixUp312d ago

Nintendo should give the handheld a price cut across all models this year. There’s no reason why a 7+ year old handheld with that tech should still retail for $200 at premium.

Knushwood Butt312d ago

Detective Pikachu and Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido.

Yeah, 3DS isn't dead !!