Is Microsoft Going Digital Only?

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "This is a topic we have covered before here at Link-Cable but I feel we have never been so close to a digital-only future for one of the ‘big three’. Just a few days ago Microsoft announced that all its first party games will be available on their Xbox Game Pass service on the same day as they are released both online and at physical retail stores. Naturally this incensed many brick and mortar shop owners as well gamers who prefer to have their games in physical format and even though we here at the LC offices are inclined to prefer physical over digital, it’s getting harder and harder to argue that Microsoft needs to have a physical option."

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PhoenixUp285d ago

Of course not. Microsoft has no reason to abandon physical formats

fiveby9285d ago

I think that they may want to go all digital. As a publisher, MS would like to limit used game sales. Similar to how Google Play and iTunes store operate in the mobile space. But will they do that now? Still too much pushback from consumers at this point. I for one prefer physical media. But in this age of day 1 patches and expansion passes what does the disc serve other than as a license key? But I like being able to sell a game disc. Maybe one day we will be able to sell our digital license key(s).

Leila___285d ago

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johndoe11211285d ago

Are you serious? Where you on a different planet when the xbox one was revealed?

The_Jackel285d ago

Must have been :/
Ms was trying to go all digital while taking away your rights with physical copies and 24hr check ins and what ever else was behind the scenes with ms.
Games may one day go all digital but not in this time frame maybe in another 20 years we will see were it is at.

PhoenixUp285d ago

@ five

They’re not going to, especially after the fiasco of E3 2013. Even then they still pushed for physical media.

@ John

Did you see Microsoft pushing an Xbox One without a disk drive?

FinalFantasyFanatic285d ago

I'm pretty sure this was their initial plan when they announced the Xone.

PhoenixUp285d ago

That was then and this is now. You really think after such a huge backlash that Microsoft would still consider releasing a digital only console?

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Aenea285d ago

One day in the future they all will, hopefully there still will be something physical to buy, a nice looking box with a code or something...

knickstr285d ago

A box with a code is still digital.

Aenea285d ago

You don't say??

On the other hand a box IS a physical thing...

There are plenty of reasons why I want such a thing, I receive something physical I can order online, and open it, smell it and store it on a shelf. I can also still use the same online shops I'm using now with very competing prices. Digital games are €70 new, physical are between €45 and €55, a code in a box sold in a similar way means that can still happen.

And if they add lending and reselling of digital codes (and the box) then people who want that can be happy as well.

Aenea285d ago

Can't think further than what is exactly written, can you? See my other reply...

JackBNimble285d ago

What ever floats your boat dude.
I personally buy digital only and I don't need the cluter of useless boxes.

The_Jackel285d ago

Lol so what ms do already? Here's a Xbox and 3 game bundle (games download tokens only halo collection was another one wasn't it? Got a fancy case with just a code in it no disc

Aenea285d ago

No, that's not the same thing I mean (and would want in the future).

See my reply above...

aconnellan284d ago

Halo Master Chief Collection was all games on a single disc

Ittoittosai285d ago

When gaming goes all digital if data plans are still a thing Ill have to quit I cant afford to stream my media and games too.

sk8ofmnd285d ago

Ms gamepass isnt streaming. You download the game and then play it.

Ittoittosai285d ago (Edited 285d ago )

So you're still screwed by data caps and data plans. Your "game pass" will still cost you more money.

fathertime4464285d ago (Edited 285d ago )

Because they're still releasing physical copies. All their doing is making game pass a viable option for those that don't have the funds to buy all the games that are being released a cheap option to get those games. It's a game rental service no different than gamefly. It's an option to make gaming affordable, like ea access or game fly. If you don't like it, don't subscribe
If you support ps now (not saying you do) than your argument is hypocritical. Also you must not use or like Netflix, prime, Hulu, vudu, Apple tv, sling, or any of the other internet based services by your logic

matt139285d ago

Isn't there an option where you're from to have unlimited download usage?

FinalFantasyFanatic285d ago

It's not really unlimited, you still have a cap, mine is 500gb on my "unlimited" plan.

Kribwalker284d ago

mines unlimited but they throttle you back after 1tb

spicelicka285d ago

They must be considering it for the future, all depends on where things for the industry. They won't do it as long as other platforms are still doing physical.

I hope there is no digital only, games will never go down in price and we will have to rely on different streaming services to play our games. It's going to be a bitch when your favourite games are scattered across different services.

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