The Escapist: Blizzcon 08: Hands On - Diablo III

John Funk writes: "Some people are here for Wrath of the Lich King, and some people are here for StarCraft 2 - some people are certainly here for both. But let's not kid ourselves, here: almost everybody here at Blizzcon '08 wants to get their hands on the playable demo build of Diablo III. It's the gleaming crown jewel of the convention, even beside two stellar titles with massive, devoted fanbases in their own right.

I've been lucky enough to get the chance to play through the demo level twice now - once as a Barbarian, and once as the newly-announced Wizard class. Even with just this one level, in an obviously incomplete build of the game, there's something that's become crystal-clear to me (and hundreds of others here at Blizzcon):

Diablo III is going to be a masterpiece."

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thor3570d ago

Looks like they've refined the gameplay - the cooldown timers were on pretty much every skill in diablo II so I don't know what he's on about there. But some of my niggles with diablo II revolved around skills (like barbarian shout) that augmented your skills, but because you had to change your skills around (albeit it could be mapped to a hotkey) you often forgot. This could mean that you can use your shout just by pressing 1 button and still use right-click to use your bash or whatever. I hope they have balanced the game more this time for those of a higher level - unless you had a long-range weapon or skill it was difficult not to die a lot on hell difficulty.