Why does Australia hate boobs so much?

Destructoid: “I’m starting to think Australia -- arguably one of the sexier countries in the world -- is really ashamed of its body.”

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TheOttomatic91315d ago

Um as an Aussie I can tell you we love boobs

gamer7804315d ago

but the mainstream Australia is very much against games like that, just look around at reviewers who are or were from Australia, listen to them on podcasts, you'll get a vibe that they are against games like this.

FinalFantasyFanatic315d ago

TBH Australian media fights everything good or fun, its best to pretend news/papers/tv/radio/magazines don't exist here. I guarantee the average Australia is the complete opesite if the media hasn't brainwashed them.

EatCrow315d ago

The lack of understanding in today's society is astounding. Of course Australia loves boobs.

Nothing wrong with not wanting boobs hanging out all over the place in a medium that will very easily reach children. And yes, psychology is very clear on this, children can and will be scarred in their relationships towards women if sexuality is introduced early on in a negative way.

Not saying games do this but better safe then sorry. Nobody hates boobs. Stop labeling.

Ittoittosai315d ago

You are the problem with the mind sets that plague gaming right now. Its called involved parenting, I know how easy it is to do cause I do it myself with my son. Everyone doesnt need punished because some parents cant be bothered to check a label or pay attention also gaming is primarily male 18-35 not children.

Wh1teLightning315d ago

So your telling me Ittoittosai that game companies have no accountability when it comes to content? I agree with your point about parents being involved, but I disagree on the basis of what is going to stop the child from finding a way to play the game anyway. Parents can do their part, but they can only do so much. If a kid wants to they are going to find a way to play the game it's called being a kid.

The problem is we use sex and adult themes so recklessly anymore. Not just in games, but movies, music etc. A lot of times we don't think about the impact it may or may not have. Am I saying ban all games, or these companies should burn for what there doing? Absolutely not! Games are awesome. However, take if from someone who was exposed to porn/adult (I'm not calling the games in this article porn, so lets be clear about that) material at a young age it skews the way you look at women. It's like a drug, and it's been proven scientifically to have that affect the more you view/use it. I know. Now I'm not naïve to the fact that as young boys and girls we become curious at a certain age, but that's why we need to be more responsible as a whole. You just can't dump it on the parents. So I say more power to Australia for taking an active role.

I hope that made sense ;o)

EatCrow315d ago


Actually you are the problem with the mindset that parents are all powerful in the education of their children.
Labels are incredibly misleading. Years ago a rate pg 13 movie would never have intense scenes of sex or nudity or sexual language...nowadays you can not trust that. Heck even pg movies can be questionable.

Labels dont do shit. Other then mislead.

JackBNimble315d ago

Because children can't get their hands on inappropriate content from any medium?

Wow dude, I'm a parent and I have to be more aware of what my kids see on TV and movies. I already know what games they are playing.

rainslacker315d ago

Problem is, the people who make up these rules tend to be people who don't really understand the medium, and tend to use erroneous arguments to promote their own agenda, which means those particular people aren't into seeing those things, so no one else should see them as well.

I'm not overly familiar with the research you cite, but that seems more a problem with the individuals in the society not practicing good parenting practices, or not feeling that such exposure is bad....which brings me back to my other point....its the powers that be that feel they have to protect everyone from things which likely aren't as detrimental as those supposed studies make them out to be.

PoSTedUP314d ago

cant speak for everyone but i was "plagued" by every sort of sexual deviant content as a young kid. i was obsessed and attracted to girls b4 porn, same s*** as an adult. titties and lara croft didnt change the game at all. i saw tits everyday. women have breasts, thats it. games are art, sex is a beautiful part of nature.

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SunnyZ315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

We love boobs mate. Have you been to some of our nude beaches? Top notch titties!
It's the old farts and prudes running the ratings board that have a stick up their ass.

irishyort315d ago

Mind you the nude beaches here arent filled with the top sorts we would like. More like a lot of around the belly button boobs or "National Geographic Saggy Hooter Boobs" but i know what you mean. :)

SunnyZ315d ago

I dunno what nude beaches you go to.
There's a stretch of beach between Swanbourne and CIty Beach in Perth.
It's a VERY long inaccessible beach and often closed off due to the live firing range, but head up there.
Too far to walk for the oldies, that's where the good stuff is.

Goldby315d ago

""National Geographic Saggy Hooter Boobs""

here in Canada we call those the double black diamonds, straight down with a little lip at the end

rainslacker315d ago

Sadly, it's always a select few that tend to assert their own hang ups on everyone else. Breast seem like a silly thing to restrict. Police to try and limit exposure, sure, but outright ban is kind of dumb. It doesn't achieve anything other than limit the consumers choice in the market.

There are some things which are worth trying to prevent...such as explicit violent scenes in some venues at certain times of the day, but preventing lewd content in games or other media that is already controlled is just redundant.

Artemidorus315d ago

It's a liberal hell hole, very glad I don't live there.

kevnb315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

Hating boobs and censoring everything is not very liberal at all. Here’s the thing, there are people who are so far left they’ve gone right.

AnubisG315d ago

On paper, no, it's not liberal. But that is what the far liberal left is doing right now in the world. Trying to censor everything they deem offensive. Far left and far right are both dangerous.

EatCrow315d ago

Nope. The right is conservative. By conservative I mean that they supposedly hold on to values that a while ago All of society agreed upon.

At some point that changed and now society does not agree on any value at all. So the right still tries to hold on to that a little.

The left on the other hand... Does not hold on to any values. Therefore it feels justified to censor things they deem... Hateful or bigot... Etc. So yes the left liberals love to censor anything that makes their ears hurt.

Omnisonne315d ago

Yeah, the problem is that the left is more concerned with how things feel rather than what is objectively liberating to the individual. Which inevitably leads to a more restricted and controlled society, because feel-y people tend to be insecure about everything. Having the government act as the big daddy doesn't help with people's freedom either.

irishyort315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

Best country in the world mate. You should wish to live here. Add up all of the problems of the other countries and we would be less than 50% of each and every one. I am extremely lucky to have been born here and thank GOD for every day I can look up at the sky and say Im in this country and have barely any issues that some poor people have around the world. If I lived in any other country bar 2 I would not have the freedom, opportunity, safety and lifestyle I have here. I can say with great prejudice that I was a very lucky human. Censoring Boobs is the least of my worries if thats one of the "Big Deals" that I have to live with.

Mr-Dude315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

I am dutch... We are probably the most uncensored country in the world..Pretty save, good healthcare, freedom etc. Feel the same as you, I am very happy to live in the Netherlands.

And the dutch love boobs!

irishyort315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

@Mr-Dude You are one of the countries I didnt mention in the "Bar 2" comment. Thanks for jumping on board so quickly to kick me in the balls lol. You still have more issues than us unfortunately that I can tell. but still.. Middle Holland (Netherlands area) is one of my 2 mentioned places I would have been extremely lucky to be born as a human in, at least in this day and age . Love to visit your great country one day :)

rainslacker314d ago

It's funny. Despite the way everyone else in the world thinks that America, and Americans by extension, are screwed up, I actually like living here. It has it's problems, like I'm sure all countries do, but I can't complain about the living conditions themselves. There are annoying things, but for all the stupid political and stupid social stuff going on, my life has remained pretty much unaffected and unchanged most of my life. I worked hard to make a good life, and I live a good life.

Mr Marvel315d ago

This is completely incorrect.
I can tell you right now, Aussies LOVE a great pair of norgs!... ESPECIALLY ME!!!

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