What if the Atari 7800 Succeeded?

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "As our look through the What If Machine reaches the third console generation, we come to Atari’s little known and often forgotten follow-up to the disastrous 5200 system and one of the Nintendo Entertainment System’s chief rivals – the Atari 7800. The system was meant to serve as a new beginning for Atari, now under new ownership and with a renewed focus on gaming withing an industry that had seemingly gotten its second wind thanks to Nintendo and the NES following the Video Game Crash of ’83. There was a lot of promise behind this system, which offered some pretty notable improvements and features over its predecessor but in the end could not stop the Japanese juggernaut that was Nintendo. But what if it had, what if the 7800 became the king 8-bit gaming instead of the NES?"

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Einhander1971287d ago

Another classic system I own, had a lot of potential again. But not enough backing, granted they should of made it more powerful, and certainly changed the sound processer which was just the same as the 2600.

Vectrexer287d ago

If they would have released it when it was ready instead of keeping it shelved for years it might've been a different story.
It had great potential aside from the same audio capabilities shared with it's younger sibling the 2600.

Poobz287d ago

It was just an Atari 400 in a console box though.

Sgt_Slaughter287d ago

If it had, I think it would have potentially created another crash down the road because if this succeeded, other systems might have too (3DO, CDi, Jaguar, etc.) and over crowded the market. As much benefit as there is to more than three hardware companies, there's an equal amount of negatives as well.

guywazeldatatt286d ago

gaming as we know it today would look very different.