Rumor: Merchandising company says 5-year plan for Crash Bandicoot, includes N. Sane Trilogy port

Port of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy to new platforms and new Crash game rumored to be on the way.

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CaptainSellers232d ago

Definitely open to more Crash games, but only if Activision do it right, no lootboxes or tacked on MP.

See the trilogy is rumoured for the PC/Switch, pretty interesting though I got the platinum for all 3 on PS4 and played them to death after so not sure I would double dip on either version hmm.

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IamTylerDurden1231d ago

Hopefully a Spyro remake gets announced for PlayStation.

Relientk77231d ago

I'm banking on this and want it so bad.

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Mista2018230d ago

Wait. IF they put Crash Team Racing, then hell yeah I want online multiplayer. But only for that game. Or that Crash Party game too. But never for the action/adventure game.

Vegamyster231d ago

A new Crash would be great, a PC/Switch port would be nice if true.

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FlyingFoxy231d ago

Even though my PC would show this game in the best graphics, I'd end up getting it for Switch most likely.. for some reason I've never been that big a fan on platformers on the PC.

_-EDMIX-_231d ago

I feel with a Platformers the comfortability of the control is key.

This would do very good on the Nintendo switch in terms of that audience.

DwightSchrute01231d ago

Agreed, I think it will do very good on the switch due to its hardcore gaming audience.

_-EDMIX-_231d ago

@Dwight- "due to its hardcore gaming audience" I wouldn't say all that, look at Doom and Skyrim sales on Switch..just saying.

Platformers make sense on a system with one of the best selling Platformers, so I'd say they will do well based on that audience.

Concertoine231d ago

Crash Bandicoot is a hardcore platformer

Hardcore platformers sell very well on Nintendo platforms.

SegaGamer231d ago

"or some reason I've never been that big a fan on platformers on the PC"

Why, what difference does it make when compared to consoles?

WeebLord231d ago

Some people don't have controllers hooked up to their gaming PC. I certainly don't.

FlyingFoxy230d ago

It's probably because i use a KB & mouse for most gaming, while i can use them for platformers i don't think it's ideally suited to that type of game. Plus if one already owns a Switch then it's just easier because of the portability etc.. I guess.