Joystiq TGS 08: Full Square Enix Closed Theater Impressions

Ah, the Square Enix Mega Theater. It's always something to look forward to at every TGS. Joystiq took the time to check out the theater and see what's cooking behind those big, black walls. Square Enix showed off trailers for nine games and a film in the Mega Theater, including two PS3 titles, the Advent Children Complete movie, and four PSP titles. Grab the full scoop on each title in their Square Enix Closed Theater impressions.

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theKiller3445d ago

the only series that saved them from bankruptcy is FF series, they got lucky with it, if it werent for that series then there will probably be no SE today!!

Lanoire3445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

SE changed. They do business at all costs. You dont do business at all costs.

Their fans is whats providing them their income. Yet they screw their fans around.

"but how are they screwing the fans around"

Actually they are. The majority of their fans are on the Playstation platform. They expected FF to be on that console. SE lied to their fans for years. Not only that but they then turn around and provide most of their support on platforms where most of their fans are not.

They might have lost it totally. And are simply delusional because I dont know anyone in this real world who will go to that much of trouble to get all consoles and handhelds just because SE is now providing irregular support for all kinds of consoles. And yet, that is EXACTLY what SE is asking from their fanbase. Thats just stupid.

They speak about business but yet there is a double standard involved. People are not stupid and they see this double standard.
360 is getting 2 exclusives and one timed. But the base where all their fans are at, aint getting anything for years to come. Thats called SCREWING your fans alright.

The lying and backstabbing and the arrogance is getting on people's and fans nerves. They dont show anything for years and when they do, its always closed of. They dont support their fans, lie to them for years, betray their fanbase and they milk the franchises like no tomorrow.

They are expanding in different markets like the US and the 360 but totally forget about their fans on the Playstation.

Thats no way to do business. You dont anger the hand that feed you your income.

jjl3445d ago

Well said. I can understand their desire to release FF on xbox360 to make more money since the number of owners in America is high. You'd think that this would be the same for releasing Last Renmant and SO4 for the PS3. Money talks, and unfortunately it looks like the number of potentials buyers for LR and SO4 for the PS3 was not as big as what Microsoft had to offer.
Right now they're busy milking away DS and a bit of PSP. Heck, we should thank Microsoft for handing out the money bags, or else we might've not seen any games from SE for the consoles for a long time.

tocrazed4you3445d ago

Have forgotten about their fans, and started to release stupid spin off left and right when they could just make a new ip or sequel which will sell more.