GT: Monster Hunter 3 TGS 08: Stage Demo Pt. 1

Hunt for plunder. Hunt for glory.

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condorstrike3390d ago

That's how Hyrule should look...
beautiful game, let's see how long till it comes states side.

kesvalk3390d ago

sure thing, if hyrule was like 1/2 of this... man...

ChickeyCantor3390d ago

The more I see the more I'm interested.

Odiah3390d ago

I look forward to more games games of this calibre on wii.
I think the haters should also realise that it is just a game moving from the old best selling console to the new one. It was probably nothing personal =S

Also, relegated to the open zone. Pretty degrading huh Sidar?

ChickeyCantor3390d ago

you said retard i said immature prick but the fact that this is a battle field we get banned for such pathetic words.

Amazing XD

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