Why You Should Play Heavy Rain From Your Backlog

BacklogCritic: "While the game starts out slow, it’s excellent narrative, weighted and meaningful dialogue choices and bleak atmosphere all come together to form a game well worth diving into. While wonky controls and slight pacing issues keep Heavy Rain from achieving greatness, you’ll find yourself itching for more once the credits roll."

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The Wood312d ago

I would if I had bc. . . . Truth

SickSinceSix312d ago

I'm pretty sure it got ported to the PS4 as well.

babadivad311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

So, Buy it again. If he has to repurchase the game, it's not in his back catalog. It's probabaly why he said "If it was BC". Meaning he owns the game already on PS3. It's a part of his PS3 back catalog. If PS4 had BC, he could play the old game.

PeaSFor311d ago

Easily one of my favorite game last gen, the character perma death aspect made it so intense for me, 100% butt clenching material.

Silly gameAr312d ago

BC? Guess you didn't play it on PS3, huh? Well, good thing that's a remaster that actually has trophies and stuff that BC can't do so you can still play it.

MatrixxGT311d ago

Ps3 version has trophies.

EeJLP-311d ago

I heard the PS4 version had performance issues. It's also incomplete. I like upgrading to better visuals and performance of games I like, but why do they think I would want to buy a less complete version? I had the original and then the Director's Cut version with The Taxidermist dlc, along with the soundtrack and whatever else. They made a dumb decision not including The Taxidermist. I know there was other planned dlc, like 5 episodes or whatever, but only The Taxidermist was made. That doesn't mean you remove The Taxidermist from existence. It should have been included. Better yet included and make those lost episodes or 1 or some of them. Same with Detroit.. They should include the Kara tech demo video as part of the game or on the disc/download under 'bonus features'.

Araragifeels 312d ago

You can buy the PS4 version so stop making excuses.

URNightmare311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

Do the free PlayStation Now Free Trial for 7 days and play it. I ended up paying for the service. I really like it! I've got to play a bunch of games I never played before like The Elder Scrolls IV OBLIVION, Motorstorm Apocalypse, Heavy Rain, and Shadow of The Beast.

Z501311d ago

Why not play it on the console you bought it for?
You kept the game, but not the console?
Sony said at the PS4 reveal, it wouldn't have BC.

Z501311d ago

You need BC for a game you already bought? Why not play it on the console you bought it for?
Sony said at the PS4 reveal, it wouldn't have BC. Yet, you kept the game, but not the console you bought it for.

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jznrpg312d ago

I have played it already but I will play it again on PS4 someday but they keep releasing so many damn games

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