Final Fantasy XV will support cross-play co-op between Xbox One and Windows 10

Final Fantasy XV releases next month on the PC and according to its official Windows Store page, it will support cross-play co-op between Xbox One and Windows 10.

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Kumakai230d ago

Considering PS4 doesn’t, yes.

Lilly____230d ago

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FallenAngel1984230d ago

“ And as you may have guessed, the cross-play platform support will only be exclusive to the Win10 version (meaning that the Steam users won’t be able to play with the Xbox One players).”

That’s a major buzz kill. The majority of PC gamers playing FFXV will be doing so through Steam.

gamer7804230d ago

Or steam , ms wants crossplay but valve might not

rainslacker229d ago

Valve isn't opposed to cross play. Most of the cross play games available on PS now are available through Steam.

My guess would be that MS funded the development for it.

timotim230d ago

Seems to me its a great feature for those getting the Microsoft Store version and wanting to play with Xbox console players.

The choice is yours...which eco system matters most to you...Steam or Xbox...

Pro_TactX230d ago

It’s not that much of a buzzkill. The trade off is that the Steam version will have Steam Workshop support, which is better than cross-play in my book.

Ashlen229d ago

I will laugh so hard if it turns out PS4 has cross platform play with Steam.

timotim229d ago

PS4 doesn't have cross play support at all. In fact, only the Xbox versions does across PC and console over Xbox Live.

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Seafort230d ago

I don't see why any PC gamer would buy the game from the Windows Store as it would take away mod support which the game has on steam.

The only people getting a PC version would be the Xbox gamer requiring the code by buying their game for console and not the other way around.

gamer7804230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

If you don't care about MODS but have friends on Xbox?

343_Guilty_Spark230d ago

I’ve never cared about MODS

AZRoboto230d ago

Xbox Live friends are the reason. This game seems like a large opportunity lost on Xbox Play Anywhere, though - only reason I'd buy from MS Store digitally.

sk8ofmnd230d ago

Is anyone still playing this game?

On topic:

The pc is always the best place to play AAA 3rd partys. They usually get the best optimized ports and features.

RomanPSX230d ago

Yes PC is the place to play ports. Like Batman.

InKnight7s230d ago

PC Optimize and maximumize AAA 3rd party by Downgrade graphics in BF1 and impossible play in 4k HDR without tons of errors and lags.

Septic230d ago

Needs to be way more open and allow Steam crossplay too

maybelovehate230d ago

That would be hard, Xbox Live and Steam will probably never talk to each other for security reasons unless ms buys Valve

Pro_TactX230d ago

I’m pretty sure the Steam version of Killer Instinct supports cross-play.

Zeref229d ago

There are some games that support crossplay with steam and xbox live. I'm not sure why more games don't do it.

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The story is too old to be commented.