PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset gets 24% discount

Amazon has discounted PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset by 24 percent off, dropping to $122.00.

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DanaBlack45d ago

Damn not Amazon Canada :(

1nsomniac44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

These look dead in the water. I haven’t seen any updates or new game eq downloads since this released.

Am I wrong in thinking that? I wanted to pick some up at launch so I regularly check the app but they just seem to have instantly gone stale so I never bothered picking them up in the end. Stayed with my gold 2.0.

isarai44d ago

Why the hell would you need to update the EQ?

1nsomniac44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

.... The whole point in buying these is that developers release custom profiles with custom EQ’s & 3D sound profiles. They’ve released about 2 or something.

If you look at reviews on Amazon etc most will tell you that the gold 2.0 sound way better anyway. The main selling point of these were the 3D profiles. So without them why would anyone buy them?

isarai44d ago

the dev release EQ are just presets made from the custom EQ you have to mess with

Exoil44d ago

One of the guys I play with regularly bought a pair of these. After two days everyone forced him to return them due to the awful noise cancelling mic. We could hear everything going on in his house, from his wife taking care of the dishes to his kids bouncing a ball. Total crap

isarai44d ago

You know you can set how sensitive the mic is right?

Exoil43d ago

Yeah, but the sensitivity of the mic doesn't have anything to do with noise cancelling.

BeardedPriest44d ago

My friend told me I sounded like I was talking in a fish bowl when I was wearing these.