MCC Development Update - Jan. 2018

Halo Way Point:

We’re excited to officially kick off what will be an ongoing conversation with our community for the duration of the MCC update project. Today’s inaugural post will cover a few key items – how we’re thinking about MCC and the community, where the MCC project fits into 343 Industries, how the team plans to pull this off, and a quick look at some of the progress that’s already been made since last year’s announcement.

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starsi360286d ago

Sounds like it’s still a long way off being X patched. Wasn’t expecting it to take so long, the X had a massive run up period before launch but it seems 343 only just pulled their finger out to start getting MCC patched.

mark_parch286d ago

agree, while i'm glad it's getting updated, why the hell is it taking so long. Most of the things that need fixing should have been fixed over 3 years ago

286d ago
kevnb286d ago

Too bad they didn’t hire you.

Kumakai286d ago

Pulled their finger out? Halo 6 has been dev you know....

r3f1cul286d ago

i would commend them on sticking with it... but then again, you have to condemn them for shipping such a giant piece of shit of a broken game to still HAVE to be working on it at this point tbh :/ shame really ... oh well moved on a long ass time ago, thought that thing was dead and beaten with a stick and decayed by this point ...

mcstorm286d ago

I agree but the question is if they will gamers go back

Gman32286d ago

its a giant piece of sh*t the online part just had some problems

Vasto286d ago

They did an amazing job with Halo 5 first which they should have done.

MCC is like 4 different games? Take your time and get it right.

WickedLester286d ago

They did half of an amazing job with Halo 5. The single player campaign blows.

someone72286d ago

I enjoyed the sp campaign, much more so than the constant backtracking and glaring openness of the halo 1. It’s not halo 2 or 3 level, but it’s a solid 3rd place to me.(including the halo wars, ODST, and reach games)

As for MCC, I didn’t even realize they were working on it still. I’m primarily a sp player, so I didn’t have any issues with it. By the time I got around to playing the mp, most broken elements were corrected. Halo 5 though has a downright amazing mp experience

Vasto286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

Not talking about how good Halo 5 is. If you don't like it that's your problem.

I loved the game and cant wait for Halo 6.

I am talking about the Xbox One X patch.

Codedan286d ago

The campaign blows if you didn’t read Halo:Reach. If Bungie told the story correctly people wouldn’t of been confused.

kevnb286d ago

A story alone can’t make a good game.

PUBG286d ago Show
WeebLord286d ago

He's referring to the One X patch.

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Father__Merrin286d ago

Used to have this on xbox one I didn't see what all the fuss was about it was an amazing game game a must buy

MetroidFREAK21286d ago

I am afraid these updates will be too late to pull in the majority of the people who bought this collection back in 2014 like I did... I applaud them for returning back to the game, but it really shouldn't have taken 4 years... I just don't think the game was ready to be released. They should have done a public beta. I am eagerly awaiting the chance to play test the game once they open the public testing sessions, and I hope new people come back to the game. It's an impressive collection, just bogged down my matchmaking nightmares

WeebLord286d ago

That's the whole plan with this update, it's more than just a One X patch but a huge reworking of how MCC works. Matchmaking, transferring between games and server stability are all supposed to be addressed. If all I get out of this is a solid 4k version of Halo 1 to Halo 4, I'm already happy.