What to expect from the new Resident Evil 2 Remake

It seems they will be combining Resident Evil 4's over the shoulder camera angle and the old RE2's fixed camera angles into one game. New zombies and creatures have been added to the game. The game has gotten a complete overhaul and most areas have gotten expanded and new puzzles have been added, among other content.

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-Foxtrot317d ago

Honestly not that thrilled on most of these details. Seems if true they are trying to cater to everyone again instead of just doing what they did for the first RE Remake

_-EDMIX-_317d ago

They might simply have modes for all the fans. It wouldn't be the first time Capcom had a game with many modes depending on the fan. RE series has had a WEALTH of options and I see Re2 being no different. They'll likely have a "classic" mode that is just in 3rd person fixed, a first person mode, hard mode etc.

-Foxtrot317d ago (Edited 317d ago )

"Wealth of options" urm...stretching that a bit aren't we?

Everytime Capcom try and please everyone they screw up

All people wanted or expected for a RE2 Remake was what they did for the first RE Remake, we're not asking for extra razzle and dazzle. Who asked them to cut the alligator for example.

_-EDMIX-_317d ago

@fox-"Wealth of options" urm...stretching that a bit aren't we?

stretching what?

"It's a shame considering how many options we had in past RE games. RE4 for example had the extra difficulty"

ummm ooook

I don't understand? So which is it? Did the game not have multiple options or did it? Are you seriously telling me you're trying to argue about something you just confirmed in another post? 😂😂😂 Oh wow

Fox seriously everything doesn't need to be an argument

how on Earth are you questioning the multiple options in a Resident Evil game, only to post about how we had lots of options in the past Resident Evil games?

contradicting yourself.

-Foxtrot317d ago (Edited 317d ago )

There’s a difference between a mode like Seperate Wats (a side story) then trying to add like 3 camera need to be able to focus on one to help your game move around. Do a GTAV and add it later in a free update but focus on one thing for know the main camera option

Don’t do a you and twist knew what I meant

gantarat317d ago (Edited 317d ago )

You can't have 3 camra angles Its too much work for them.

Capcom need work a lot on Character,Enemy Movement and Re-design the whole map/building to make each camera angle play really well.

Spencer Mansion and R.P.D.Station Map Design look Pretty Weird in FPS,OTS Angle.

_-EDMIX-_316d ago

Fox- you contradict yourself constantly. No one knows what you mean when you're literally saying the game doesn't have something and then the next post you also say it does.

"You can't have 3 camra angles Its too much work for them"

You very much to have 3 camera angles you have to actually consider that fall out in the Elder Scrolls series can switch between first and third person.

If they have full 3d environments which is clearly going to be expected for any modern game and actually means having a fixed camera is not impossible it's simply placing the camera elsewhere and out of the control of the player, then adding over-the-shoulder is not going to be an impossible task, then going to first person also is not going to be something impossible.

We are not talking about something technologically speaking that has never been done before.

The map to sign is only going to look weird based on what you're saying you're literally saying it as if they're literally making exactly Resident Evil 2 verbatim the way it was originally designed on PlayStation 1....

At some point that you're not get that they were remaking it meaning they're actually redoing everything from the ground up?

So how would the mansion and all these different areas look different in third person or first person when they're going to be making the 3D backgrounds instead of pre-rendered in the first place?

Trust me what we're discussing is not impossible You're simply making it seem impossible based on your perspective.

So of course the design is going to look weird to you you're also assuming they're making it verbatim the way it was originally made... Trust me you're not going to be looking at empty space with nothing there as if you modded the original Resident Evil 2 😂😂😂 I'm not saying it's going to happen but we all know it's not out of the realm of possibility

bouzebbal316d ago

this port is going to kick ass.
i hope it is in the same quality as the first GC port of RE1. Day one Capcom!

-Foxtrot316d ago


You’re wrong man...accept it

_-EDMIX-_316d ago

@fox- that's nice.

considering how many options we had in past RE games, I see Resident Evil 2 remake having just as many options.

That is unless you're literally going to tell me you're going to argue against a point you've already made? So, like YOU said the past Resident Evil games have many options, I agree... I think they are going to continue that tradition with Resident Evil 2 remake.

So what are you going to do? Are you going to argue against your own words? Lol

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trekka13316d ago

You mean catering to their fans? The people who are dedicated and buy their games. Weird concept. The first remake was lazy, I'm glad they are stepping up their game.

NapalmSanctuary316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

REmake is one of the two best survival horror games of all time (the other being Silent Hill 2). It was near perfect as it was. All they could really do to improve it as it was, is update the graphics, improve the writing and add a few new areas, which was exactly what they did.

-Foxtrot316d ago


Get out of here with that shit

Shinox315d ago

"The first remake was lazy"
And with opinions like this it explains why we have games like RE7 exist .. its because of stupid fans and newcomers who shit on the old games in favor for Capcom "changes"

DaFeelz316d ago

Wait... they cut the alligator?!?!? Wtf for? Boo if true. Boo if true.

BlackTar187316d ago

That is a crappy thing to here

Nerdmaster316d ago

Well, it was the only enemy in the game that you could kill with 1 handgun bullet (not counting crows, but they were hard to hit and I always spent more ammo than I should to kill them), so I won't miss it very much.

316d ago
strayanalog317d ago

I expect perfection. Anything less is a travesty to the original. I remain skeptical, but intrigued.‎

The cutting of the Mario Bava-like door/steps cutscenes, if it is happening, kind of sucks. When I was younger I didn't like them so much, but as time passed it kind of grew on me. A bummer if cut, yes, but I am certain I'll survive.‎
Extended character story and introductions: The story was fine as is, which is part of why we've talked about it for 20 years, but I suppose I'm cool with it as long as it doesn't turn into a Michael Bay movie.
4th Survivor DLC: Seriously? I'm glad these two guys are supposedly making the cut, but we have to pay for them? Capcom, this better be some serious knife-wielding-protein action you're throwing at me! Tell you what, throw in Akuma, complete with fireballs, and I'll think about it.‎

_-EDMIX-_317d ago

"The cutting of the Mario Bava-like door/steps cutscenes, if it is happening, kind of sucks."

I'm hoping they have a classic mode that has it, but a different looking door lol I'm ok with some of those changes as I get that they are making this with improvements and can't just keep ironclad features unchanged as they are still a business, but I'm hoping they just have a mode with some of the lolz moments like the doors, fixed camera, bad voice acting as an option lol

strayanalog317d ago

Good idea, Edmix. When you're right, you're right. I would love a classic mode added on to the build, warts and all. If they didn't, well... I suppose it's a good thing I still have my original copy.

-Foxtrot317d ago

It's a shame considering how many options we had in past RE games. RE4 for example had the extra difficulty, added costumes/weapons to unlock, mercenaries, Ada Wongs Separate Ways, Assignment Ada. So I dont know why these days we have to pay DLC for extra stuff.

All I really would want is a mercenaries mode but with an option for a no time limit.

_-EDMIX-_317d ago

"considering how many options we had in past RE games"


Which gives more reason that it's possible that we have multiple options in the Resident Evil 2 remake.

I agree. Good point.

strayanalog317d ago

Exactly! Capcom could easily add this stuff to the game and if, magically, the game has no room on the disc then a free DLC should be in order. After all, like you said, all these kinds of options were in all previous entries! It really is saddening.

And a mercenaries mode with no time limit would be pretty awesome, especially for this entry in the series.‎

Xenophon_York316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

Just finished the HD remaster for Resident Evil 1. Despite (or maybe even in-spite) of the games clunky movement controls it's such a downright masterpiece. Took turns playing the original with my adopted brother when it was released (missed a lot of parts during late nights falling asleep, though), so was a treat playing it all.

Played Resident Evil 2 port on Dreamcast (if memory serves) but didn't get far—thanks to the mistress known as Resident Evil: Code Veronica. Just kind of found it difficult to pick 2 over the ground-breaking graphics of Veronica.

In any case, this remake likely a release day play for me.

ceooflhm316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

I'm sure Mr. X from this website is dead on /S

SouljAx360316d ago

For a second there I thought Capcom actually released information about RE2 Remake.

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