Seven Classics and Fan Favorites Getting the Remake/Remaster Treatment

"In recent years, remakes have become a staple in the industry, allowing players the chance to relive classics with updated technology or experience missed titles for the first time... With the Shadow of the Colossus remake arriving next week and already receiving high praise as an excellent remake in its own right, 2018 looks to continue this tradition with a mix of beloved, series-defining entries as well as older games whose value is still felt today."

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amcka30311d ago

Where's Age of Empires: Definitive Edition?
System Shock should be fantastic though. Never had the chance to play the original, but its reputation is amazing.

pubex311d ago

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Yohshida311d ago

And yet im here still waiting for a Freelancer Remake

Retroman311d ago

I'm still waiting on Contra shattered soldiers continuation ,Gradius 6 , R-type 6 they need remake as well.
Good luck with that waiting as you can see my hopes never flourish

NecrumOddBoy311d ago

Oddworld Soulstorm

This is a complete re-envisioning of the master classic to truly bring on world into the courage in even more than the new and tasty remaster.

fenome311d ago

I'm anxious to see what they're doing to MediEvil. Haven't played that game in years.

Relientk77310d ago

I can't wait for MediEvil

Retroman311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

Where's ps2 Gradius V,Contra shattered soldiers , R-type 5 they are Classic as well they need a remake.
why open world games need remake but REAL classic games don't ??
Hundreds of old skool gamers still waiting on revamp classic sidescrolling games .

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