Shadow of the Colossus PS4 Street Date Broken

Gadgets 360 says: "Shadow of the Colossus' street date has been broken in more than a few countries."

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Crazyglues312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

That was bound to happen, but it's not like this is a new game, everyone already knows how this one plays out, even people who have never played it have see it on youtube... so it's really not a big deal... Sony should have released- Digital copies early - to celebrate the re-release.

Besides this is not the game you buy after waiting to see how it plays out, this is the game you get if your a gamer, and the thought of playing an epic game just sound to good to pass up... This is one for your Trophy wall as a gamer, it's the game you buy because your a Gamer..

This is a game you buy all for yourself, because the gamer in you, always wants to play an amazing game / and experience it for your self...
so weather it's a Remake / Remaster or Re- Envisioned (PS5) I will always return for The Shadow of the Colossus.... It's what Gamers do

Xenophon_York312d ago

Can see what you're getting at, but it kind of is a significantly-sized deal.

Stuff like this is what eventually leads to stricter software and distribution regulations, digital rights management and finally, higher prices to make-up for the extra logistical infrastructure.

Good for those gamers who get to play it early, though. Kind of hard to blame them for taking advantage of the situation.

Leila___312d ago

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Crazyglues312d ago

stricter software and distribution regulations...??? I just meant for this game in-particular because / Shadow of Colossus / is a remake so it's on PS3 PS2 and now PS4 and PS4 pro, so expecting the stores to keep track of if this is the one that can sell is going to be a little hard, a little harder then it would be for a game that only has the one copy that is coming out now... So stores are not perfect, I would cut them a little break on this one, especially mom and pops stores... but either way, I will be enjoying the hell out of this one by tonight... :)