Ninty Preview: Disaster: Day of Crisis

Ninty writes: "Be honest, you thought Disaster: Day of Crisis had been cancelled. On many peoples' wish lists during Wii's launch build-up, the adventure survival title all but disappeared from radars until earlier this month, when out of nowhere the game was given a release date. It's not over 'till it's over.

Blending every genre under the sun into one package, Disaster is a relative mixing pot of game styles rolled into one. During our two hour playtest, we found ourselves searching for survivors in crumbling cities, fending off government troops in abandoned warehouses and hurtling down a motorway in a hatchback. Government conspiracies, natural disasters, kidnapped sisters – you name it, Disaster manages to squeeze it in. If Sly Stallone made a game, this would be it."

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SinnedNogara3497d ago

They should release this game in the United States. I know several people in the states would buy this game. This game is awesome. Release the game in the U.S.