Square Enix: GaaS for Us Means More Than Microtransactions; People Are Too Focused on the Problems

Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda clarified that the company looks at the Game as a Service or GaaS business model in a much broader sense than just microtransactions, which is the problem people usually focus on when thinking of GaaS.

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Nyxus47d ago

Of course people are focused on the problems. The whole idea of GAAS is to have 'recurring revenue streams'. If they couldn't use it to make more money after the sale, they wouldn't bother with it.

KaiPow47d ago

And the things that aren't microtransactions, like season pass addons, often feel like they're content cut from the main game. There just isn't a great way to sell GaaS yet.

ziggurcat47d ago

Having worked in QA for many years, sometimes on project that involved extra DLC content, I can say that every time I have been on one of those projects where there was DLC that it was started much later, separately, and well into the development cycle of the game.

Seraphim46d ago

there's a great way to sell GaaS. Actually make a robust world and game that is sustainable until you can release a DLC, Season Pass or Expansion. Unfortunately us gamers are constantly left with not enough content in this model. Enough compelling content in itself is a good start for any GaaS title.

starchild46d ago

That isn't true. Expansions for most games I've played--including games like Horizon, AC Origins, Far Cry 4 and The Witcher 3--have felt like legitimate extra content. Those games had more than enough content to justify their asking price.

Letthewookiewin47d ago

Isn’t FInal Fantasy 14 a GaaS. I’d pay 15$ a month for a multiplayer game that’s constantly changing and adding stuff.
But that shouldn’t be in any single player game. I feel a good DLC like in the Witcher or Horizon for example, that’s cohesive and isn’t necessary to get the fullest out of the main game is acceptable.

WelkinCole46d ago

Witcher and Horizon has DLC done right. I can say with certain for example that Heart of stone and especially blood and wine would not make any sense playing them during the events of the main game.

OB1Biker46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

$15 a month for a mp game just being supported post launch by the studio?

MakoD47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Most of them are attempting to act like its something like business or consumer software. So, I buy a program to run the finances of my company, well, let's say its either server based or say just runs locally on a PC. I then setup a monthly fee for services or upgrades to the software as I need to continuously have the software up to date to say interact with 3rd parties. The problem with this... is it doesn't pertain to most games, meaning there really is no reason to have to continuously upgrade them after release. What they are really doing is instead of raising the prices of the games, is withhold content and then release it as DLC.

Most games don't even have dedicated servers, I mean when you have someone invade or co-op in your own world in Dark Souls, its running locally. With cloud services, keeping servers running is very cheap, and it gets cheaper everyday and even the small companies don't have to keep individual servers running any longer.

If I am running a game locally on my own hardware (where it is being processed), there is very little I need from the company as far as services. Most of the "SERVICES" are basically just there because of some restriction they put in place to do what you normally could do i.e. internet connections.

Unless they are doing streaming, there is limited reasons to have "services", generally speaking. Make a completed great game, release it, I buy it, then you move onto the next game you want to make. I don't need a service connected to my toaster... I put the bread in... push down the handles... few minutes later... MAGIC I HAVE TOAST.

-Foxtrot46d ago

And this is why people should be worried about the Marvel games

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TheColbertinator47d ago

And what do we get in return for allowing GaaS?

Better gameplay? No. The publishers use the same generic gameplay to slap on every yearly release.

Better story? No. The good writers are all on the indie scene since many of them would not cave in to the pressure from publishers who know nothing about plot or script.

Mod support? No. The only way you buy a different color for your armor is through them and them alone.

Better online features? No. Pay 2 Win is now the name of the game. While once the loot boxes were cosmetic,now they will alter gameplay altogether as you can be given huge advantages by paying more and breaking the balance.

Revival of classic IPs? Never. While publishers rake in millions from microtransactions,they will refuse to revive classic IPs which may actually do well but they dont see the franchise supporting loot boxes so they are left ignored once more.

Gemmol47d ago

Send this response to him its good

46d ago
chiefJohn11747d ago

You get to play the games at cheaper prices. Dumb question.
(Unless it's a monthly charge/mission charge on 1 game alone. )

TheColbertinator47d ago

That certainly wont happen. Battlefront 2 was 60USD at launch digital or retail.

If they want to do loot boxes,make it free 2 play. The suckers can get Battlefront 2 lootboxes and pay for its servers while I play the Mp With six or seven maps free because other gamers will pay for me.

chiefJohn11747d ago

Seems we are talking about two different things

TheColbertinator46d ago

Yeah my mistake. I got confused.

Silly gameAr46d ago

Dude. I don't know why you act like a troll most of the time, when you're one of the best commenters on here when you want to be serious.

ILostMyMind46d ago

That's the cool part of being a troll, you play with the fanaticism of others. The difference between a troll and a fanboy is that the fanboy only sees the side of the company he wants to defend and becomes a victim frequently. He knows what he is doing.

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crazychris412447d ago

Blah blah blah everybody is doing it and makin a ton of money so we want a piece of the action

ccgr47d ago

Vote with your wallet, don't support microtransactions, loot boxes, etc

ILostMyMind46d ago

I'm very fan of Dragon Age Inquisition. I finished the games several years ago and always wanted to play the DLCs. But I never paid the price EA asked. Until one day they sold the complete game very cheaply. My wallet is more important.

Cobra95146d ago (Edited 46d ago )

The wallet votes of everyone in this thread are offset by the wallet vote of one sucker.

CP_Company47d ago

pathetic excuses. immoral as$holes.

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