Official Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World characters list

Out of the complete Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World cast of over 40 playable characters (not including transformations), so far 40 characters have been revealed like Goku and Cell. VGB lists them all.

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The_Kills3415d ago

yet it looks like another port of the same Shin Budokai game

Tarmgar3415d ago

WTF?! I love DBZ games but I have a PS3. Why are they STILL making for the damn ps2?! This is madness. Let it die already. Although, at least I have the 60GB model and I have backwards compatibility. So, I'll still be playing this bad boy.

johover1123415d ago

i agree dude, they are still making PS2!!!! games, and every freaking Dragonball game is ending at the Cell Games....That Sucks!

[email protected]3415d ago

Well, look like the PS3 & Xbox360 was not enough (on sales terms) after all. They want the huge install base to buy up this game to earn easy money A-SAP that's a fact pal especially those PS360GB/80GB owner that could "possible" pick the game if they are DBZ/GT aficionados so that's a plus for me I think.