TGS 08: Sony Booth Tour

GameTrailers: "See what Sony had on offer at this year's Tokyo Game Show"

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Omega43571d ago

What happened to those 11 new exclusives?

It seems as if TGS was a bigger disappointment than E3 and GDC combined

Voozi3571d ago

Seems like it was either something taken out of context from an interview or idk...all I really cared about seeing was Team ICO's new game but they were a no show T_T so this TGS was pretty lack luster for me

thor3571d ago

I think there were 11 games being shown in total - the original source never said they were new or exclusive. Chinese whispers, eh.

Omega43571d ago

Im pretty sure they were said to be 'unannounced', which would make them new

Also they were all supposedly meant to be published by SCEJ which means they would be exclusive

There was a story on this site stating that

thor3571d ago

As said by Endorphin this is the news. If you speak japanese feel free to read the article in its original version - I don't but I don't see anything saying unannounced (unless that page was actually changed I don't know). Anyway I suspect a bad translation is to blame.

cellypower3571d ago

Why do you care so much? Do you own a ps3?

Sony Rep3571d ago

E3 and GC was better than TGS.

lowcarb3571d ago

Why don't you ask that question to all the PS3 fanboys that live for 360 news. This is news for gamers and maybe if Sony had shown something worth a dang then people like myself would have gotten interested in buying one.

Omega43571d ago

Since your so interested to know, yeah i do have a PS3 along with every other console except a PSP (which i will get when Kingdom Hearts:BBS comes out)

The reason this interests me so much is because i bought my 60GB PS3 for FFXIII and since it went multi i've been waiting for some 'true' AAA JRPGs to make up for it and so far there hasnt been jack sh*t. And now the only reason i keep my PS3 is to play Kingdom hearts and FFX over and over again, and for FFvsXIII

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Endorphin3571d ago

Either its Famitsu or Sony that messed up, idk... I was kind of disappointed after waiting this whole weekend.
Oh Well... LBP is on its way...Yay! to that

Nitrowolf23571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

i was dissapointed in the whole thing.
This whole time i was expecting something big to be shown there but nothing
and i thought E3 was bad, at least sony showed something new there

PopEmUp3571d ago

No, I mean suck!!1 :P

pn topic man very disappointed in this year TGS, I wonder is there any announcement that related to those 11 games or whatever

theKiller3571d ago

its true, what happened to the 11 new exclusives??

i only heard about 1 or 2!!

TheColbertinator3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

It was a mistranslation toward the 9 games.

The leaked list was actually

1.Wipeout HD
2.Killzone 2
3.Heavy Rain
5.Noby Noby Boy
8.Demons Soul
9.Quantum Theory


The Microsoft list was supposedly 16 new games.Turns out those games were multiplats and the others we already knew about like Halo Wars,Halo Recon and 1 game which was new Ninety Nine Nights 2.

Nintendo didn't even show up.

What a disapointing TGS

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