Check Your Email, Sony Sending 20% Off Coupon to NA Users

For those of you who’re signed up for the weekly “see what’s next this week” email from PlayStation, make sure you check your email! Sony is sending out a 20% off coupon to NA users.

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blackblades311d ago

Yep got it, now I just have to wait and see if there's something good next week.

Crazyglues311d ago

shadow of colossus... if you wait until Tuesday morning it's 40 bucks so 20% off it will be 32... 8 buck discount, not bad..

NecrumOddBoy310d ago

I used my 10% on MHW. I dunno what to spend this on. GOW perhaps

Kribwalker311d ago

Got one too. Might use it towards shadow of colossus next week

PhoenixUp311d ago

I’m not even gonna check cuz Sony hates me and never includes me in these kind of things

zivtheawesome311d ago

i'm pretty sure everyone got that one, it is in the "see what's new" mail.
but i'll probably not use it, why don't these support pre-orders....

Cmv38311d ago

I get them most of the time. Gotta spend some money I guess

blitz0623310d ago

This is what I kept telling myself until I checked my email today. I got a 10% off code last January (didn't use it) then 20% off today

Mista2018311d ago

I googled it and can't find how to sign up for this newsletter. anyone got a link?

InTheZoneAC311d ago

you get emails from sony with the email you used to sign up for PSN. I think people that don't get it have everything blocked on their playstation account. If you have ever gotten emails from sony then you most likely have it. Check "what's new" emails from playstation. If you have gmail it's under "promotions".

ziggurcat311d ago

"I think people that don't get it have everything blocked on their playstation account."

Not true. I don't have anything blocked, and have been signed up for years (everything is checked off in my account's notification settings). I never get the e-mails. Nothing in spam, e-mail is in my list of contacts, etc...

Evolve311d ago

Awesome!! I’ll be waiting for the code

TheColbertinator311d ago

Got one too. Guess Sony isgenerous to true hardcore elite gamers sometimes.

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The story is too old to be commented.