Microsoft Remind Japan What 360 Games Look Like, Part II

Kotaku writes, "One of the better booths at last year's TGS was Microsoft's. Mostly because they had a neat wall, which was displaying the game disc and cover art for every 360 game ever released in Japan. This year, they didn't exactly go one better (it's the same schtick), but they did make sure the game boxes weren't left out."

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Internet Trolling Ex3570d ago

They look like Wii games with slightly more polish,though,The Conduit looks better than Halo 3

GiantEnemyLobster3570d ago

Tell that to GTA being 640p with no anti-aliasing on PS3 compared to it being 720p with 2xAA on the XBOX®360.

DevastationEve3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Yeah, it's not like MGS4 wasn't subHD either. Some of the best games this gen were subHD. Not like it matters, but you PS3 gamers need to lay off of the Halo3 dissing and sh*t. It's a great game and well worthy of its being in the same sentence as MGS4. Both made people buy their consoles. I still play Halo3 right now. Word of advice: just don't play on Legendary without help...seriously.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3570d ago

And his 30 other accounts come to the 360 section and get beat down like a retarded slave everyday. He spends more of his life in the 360 section, might aswell buy a 360 since we all know you want one. To bad you're to broke buying that $600 Spiderman, Ironman, and Batman DVD player...:)

B-Rein3570d ago

lol not all 360 owners actually like halo 3 there are 21 million 360 ownwers out there (i think) and anly 8 million of em own halo and its been out for a yer so people had their time to buy the game or not

i have halo but im not too keen on that game and if ya want proof i have it chek my user profile on n4g b4 360 fans starts bashing me and give me disagrees

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vitz33570d ago

HAHAHA! Kotaku isn't news. They work for Microsoft!

mohib-uddin79865323570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

I read somewhere Otaku means "fans of japan"

so why are these douche bags siding with Micrsoft and the 36,0 when the Japanese dont even like the 360 ?

Jamie Foxx3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

they clearly are not, there not professional in their dis-taste for sony,they are pure pro microsoft so why not just cover microsoft exclusively instead of the clear biasness? makes sense...

japanese_dawn3570d ago

"One of the better booths at last year's TGS was Microsoft's. Mostly because they had a neat wall..."

A neat wall? It's great that Microsoft has a great "wall", scr3w the games, it's important that they have a "neat wall" and that's what makes them the number ONE... UNO.

B-Rein3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

hahahha imagine sony duin the same thing with their PS2 games ahahhahaha imagine that prob loop around the world 1s or 2wice

By the way @mohib Otaku means NERDS in japan, usually anime over reactive fans are called that

No Way3569d ago

Presentation will get you a lot. Presentation is important.. Ever wonder why high school, and some college, teachers try to encourage their students to make sure their presentation is amazing? That's why most teachers grade 'Presentation' very high.

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DNAgent3570d ago

I'm not going to go to such a horrible site like kotaku (I would go to wikipedia for my news before I ever go to kotaku). I'm just curious on how they went about showing Japan what 360 games look like. I mean did they have a conference and placed a bag of garbage on the stage or what? I think it would be kind of hard if Microsoft went around crapping in their hands & showing it to everybody in Japan.

Panthers3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

This isnt a story. Its like half a paragraph about games on a wall.

Does M$ really have to remind us about all the games not being bought by the Japanese?

Jecht3569d ago

OMG, that's frickin hilarious. Bubbles for you.

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