Exclusive items for PS3 version of Dead Space

Talk writes:"You'll be getting an Obsidian Rig which will be available from the Playstation store once you log in the game. The main character will get a suit that has Playstation 3 themed colours (Black, red, blue and a little bit of yellow), increased toughness and more inventory slots.
You can get this item for free from October 24 till November 7. After that you will have to pay. How much is not known yet."

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TheColbertinator3567d ago

I might buy this game.Looks like a true survival horror game and not just another shooter

King Me3567d ago

A-bit off-topic,but am I the only one that notices Resident Evil isn't a survivor horror game anymore?

TheColbertinator3567d ago

Your not alone.Its too much of a shooter these days.Especially after the co-op gameplay trailers it just looks like just a 2 player frag-athon

Lanoire3567d ago

And dl this for sure. lol

Nice to see some love from EA. EA may be big and may be trash. But they sure know which side has the momentum and which side is gaining power.

Delive3567d ago

If you were Chris Redfield and you HAD to go back into a situation like the ones from previous RE games, wouldn't you go in fully strapped? I do agree though, it's not a Survival horror game any more. More like an Action/Survival/horror. You still try to survive, there is still horror, but there is more action to go with it.

Bnet3433567d ago

I think I might get this for PS3 instead of 360. I'm still undecided though.

Wolf8733567d ago

RE hasn't been survival horror since RE-2 for me, it's just a game with Zombie, but with interesting story and characters.

pavarotti3567d ago

lol. yeah they really love ps3.

momentum?? what with the 360 price cuts and sales increase?

one sony exec mentions sony has the momentum back in june, and all the sony fanboys have been parroting it since. althogh, they've seemed to stop saying it for the last two weeks. i think your the only one to say it lately. momentum lol

dead space is looking ok. does anyone know if the game has co-op or anything on-line at-all?

juuken3567d ago

You're not the only one. I'm still getting RE5 but Resident Evil games don't scare me anymore. o.o

uie4rhig3567d ago

is really starting to remove its name of the Evil empire, and just since recently, they've also started loving the PS3.. i guess a report can change a lot..

HighDefinition3567d ago

Has just changed the tactics they use to scare you, now it`s about the feeling of being overwhelmed and attacked from every angle. It`s just different, I like it.

macalatus3567d ago

@king me,

Agreed. Resident Evil 4 was a little bit more linear than the previous Resident Evil games. Though I personally welcomed as it was less tedious and clunky, it just seemed that it was missing a bit of that survival horror feel. Just a bit.

Back on topic: After watching the new episode of Qore, I decided to drop getting Silent Hill: Homecoming in favor of this game, due to Silent Hill's somewhat unfavorable reviews.

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Lanoire3567d ago

Play with increased toughness and extra inventory slots!
Only on PS3!


Forbidden_Darkness3567d ago

if you wont be buying Dead space 'til after November 7 or dont know if you'll get it later, than just click on it (before November 7) so it goes into your view download list so you wont have to pay for it.

Stryfeno23567d ago

The PS3 is getting exclusive DLC...Oh wait?!! It is just a suit.

PirateThom3567d ago

The 360 is getting exclusive DLC for GTAIV... oh, it's just vapourware?

See, I can be a troll too. Very easy.

Forbidden_Darkness3567d ago

Yeah and i'd rather have a suit and beable to play it when im actually still going to be playing the game, than wait like 6 plus months for DLC for a game i dont play anymore.

juuken3567d ago

Why don't you sell your PS3 already?
The DLC is better than nothing.

ThatCanadianGuy3567d ago

He doesn't have a PS3 Juuken.His mother needs beer money.She can't afford one for him.


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meepmoopmeep3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

honestly, i'm not fond of this gen's DLC milking of our wallets,
but what can you do

i've already downloaded the free suit plus the paid for one.

SullyDrake3567d ago

It should be available for free on PSN/XBL, I hate missing out on content like that.

meepmoopmeep3567d ago

crap, there's a pre-order suit?

oh well, i'm sure it'll be up on PSN/Live one day.
i can't get this game day 1 so i'm not too fussy.

LBP, man, LBP first!


Mozilla893567d ago

This one seems free though.

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