Is Microsoft poised to win big this Holiday?

The Vg tilt evaluates the question with an indepth analysis of Microsoft's business model going into the crucial shopping season ahead.

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HighDefinition3480d ago

MSFT is in a GOOD posistion.

But, They were in a good posistion LAST YEAR and GOT OUTSOLD.

They were in a GOOD posistion the YEAR BEFORE and GOT OUTSOLD.


King Me3480d ago

I think Gears of war will help microsoft sell about 300,000-400,000 more consoles,but when you look at the much larger picture;The highest selling console of last-gen(Ps2) beat the competitors by over 90 Million consoles in sales....

Genesis53480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

Sony does not really make anything that sells cheap. TV expensive, stereos expensive but they still sell because it is a top brand. It might not sell as many as cheaper brands but some people are willing to pay for quality.

The economy might hurt them a bit in the US but they are focusing on the world. MS has a good thing going with their price point and it will surely help them. Sony is tracking sales 30% higher than they forcasted and they are happy with that.

Who wins the holidays? Nintendo.

Monchichi0253480d ago

This article is just straight DUMB written by a known Sony fanboy. Don't even waist your time reading this nonsense as he's logic is "surprisingly" wrong and bias.

Let's save this discussion to a real information source. And whoever approves articles like this should be re-evaluated.

faisdotal3480d ago

Even if they were outsold they're gonna survive for a bit longer than i usually expected. I mean no doubt Sony will win in the long run, They own many IP's, but MS have been very intending to win and take down Sony in whatever they do. I kudo's them for that intention. But the method they're using (stealing exclusives/separating from GOOD game companies) is stupid. They won't last that long but long enough they still keep that momentum they made.

faisdotal3480d ago

Sony fanboy?

You do realise who you're name calling right?

Siligon is unbiased. I've noticed this for a long time now.

falviousuk3480d ago


did you just say that last sentence in your head with a straight face ?

ZombieNinjaPanda3480d ago

Sony Fanboy? Silogon?

Have you seen him flame Sony?

He'll go after either companies throat.


I feel the arcade isn't the greatest of the consoles, but for people who just want to play their games, it's fine.

kratos-i-am3480d ago

Yeah you would be surprised that in recessions people aren't always attracted to "cheap" products as they are to good quality ones. Recessions makes consumers pessimistic about what they purchase. So if they feel that the Xbox isn't of a good build quality that lasts it mightn't sell that well. I'm sure consumers will consider their options with regards to all three consoles and their relative pros and cons summing up both features in comparisson to their price.

SWORDF1SH3480d ago

short answer. yes
long answer. yes if sony dont drop the price.

La Chance3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

what happened to 2008 being the year the 360 dies ?

I remember all the naive , and pretty blind people on N4G who were predicting the death of the 360 in 2008.And the hundreds of "360 is dead" , "2008 is Sony's year" and bla bla bla articles.

Its funny that now people actually think and expect the 360 to outsell the ps3 this holiday season.

Cant believe people were stupid enough to think MSFT was just going to sit there and do nothing and that Sony was magically going to takeover thanks to things like Home(nobody seems to care about it anymore) , Resistance 2(people finally gave up thinking it could compete with Geow2)and all the former exclusives(FF13 , Tekken 6 , Star Ocean 4).Funny how in a couple of months things have changed.

Wheres GT5 ? , FF13 ? KZ2 ? 8 days ? La Noire ? Where are all the ps2 gamers who were magically supposed to all upgrade to PS3 because of loyalty ?Why do multiplat games still look and run better on 360 ? Where are all the "analysts" who were predicting that the PS3 was going to leave the 360 in the dust ?

2008 aka Sony's year was great for MSFT (and all 360 gamers) and its not even the end yet lol.

Megatron083480d ago

This guy says he's "in the know" but he doesnt even seem to know that the hddless 360 is called the 360 arcade not the "core" He also points out the ps3 being an up scaling dvd player but doesnt seem to know that the 360 can also upscale dvds. Then says MS is going to lose cause they are going to make more money by sell the extras for the "core".

GametimeUK3480d ago

Wheres Alan Wake, Halo Wars and Splinter Cell?
Multi plat games run better on PS3 now
Why do you still pay annual fees for LIVE?
Why are 360 hard drives stupidly over-priced?
WTF happened to HD DVD?
Why are there STILL constant RROD issues?
WTF is up with that too human 10 year flop?
and why are you still alive?

juuken3480d ago

I agree Genesis.
Nintendo already won this war.

Xelai3480d ago


Just wanted to point oout that Sony is not such electronics top brand, not bashing PS3 here guys, saying that if you want a top TV you go to Pioneer, a top A/V Amplifier, Denon, Yamaha, Marantz, top speakers KEF, B&W of even higher, videocams or photo Canon Nikon, there are many many higher and better brands in electronics specially audio & video, Sony is ubiquitous and has powerful brand value, due mainly to loads of quality products inthe 80s, but those times are over, there are specialized brands that do better than the all powerful mighty megacorp.

Jack of all trades master of none.

Though I agree that Nintendo is who is going to win Xmas big, MS and Sony will do good in the markets that they usually do good, I do not expect a big switch unless Sony makes an unexpected price cut.

lowcarb3480d ago

"Multi plat games run better on PS3 now" No they don't liar

"Why do you still pay annual fees for LIVE?" Because we get perks better and more services and expect the best unlike you.

"Why are 360 hard drives stupidly over-priced?" Can't answer that but what's expensive to you might not be expensive to everyone else.

"WTF happened to HD DVD?" They lost but thats not important nor is bluray because it's suppose to be about games and not movies.

"Why are there STILL constant RROD issues?" Prove it and then tell me why there are still faulty PS2's out there

"WTF is up with that too human 10 year flop?" Great game that probably sold more then most PS3 titles

"and why are you still alive?" I'm not Lachance but will say that this question was uncalled for and shows how pathetic you are.

Now my question to you is what's your point because you didn't prove anything? You sound like the typical ps3 fanboy throwing a tantrum because you don't like to loose.

Gam713480d ago


what happened to hd-dvd, ask toshiba as it was theirs not MS.

I bet you're one of those people who say MS paid paramount $150mil as well.

but why let facts get in the way seeking attention.

sleepyk3480d ago

PS3 titles (all ps3 titles) outsold too human.

SWORDF1SH3480d ago

yes there are blind sony fanboys out there but there are blind ms fanboys to. you should kno better than to try and judge everybody by the small number of idiots. dont forget that there was ms fanboys sayin that the ps3 was gonna fail ever since launch and still say it now. anyway the year aint over yet and i expect a price cut in at least the us. not really needed anywhere else because the ms isnt that effective. im sure sony are happy with what there sellin at the price there sellin in europe even if the 360 is out selling it at a average of about 20,000 a week so far. price drop will do little in japan. they jus need games. and btw because ms will outsell the ps3 in the holiday season (if sony dont price) the ps3 will should expect to outsell the 360 worldwide for the year.

Gam713479d ago

you seem to forget the sony fans saying that the 360 was dead before it started and would sell less than the original xbox then running around quoting sony spin (still are) saying the ps3 will sell 5mil without any games and they had already won.

Don't believe me, what did the say about ninty before the wii was released? Proven history of it so using the but you guys said it first that some sony fans on here like to doesn't wash as it's the sony fans that were the ones to actually say it first about everyone going back to the n64

SWORDF1SH3479d ago

yes youre right. im not tryin to say one set are fanboys are worse than another. im jus sayin that theyre jus as bad. il admit i thought the wii woulodnt last that long and do as well as they are doin now. i dont like the wii but i have respect for them for doin as good as they have. i mentioned what ms fanboys have said in response to lachance and i made it clear that there are fanboys in both camps but dont judge every person that like sony as fanboys as i dont for people who like ms.

Gam713479d ago

I do see your point but i have to say the ps fans are far worse.
After winning two gens and growing attached to the brand and sony has bred a level or arrogance.
Not help by the sony spin.
Look at this site. Read the comments hugely pro sony anti everything else.
Don't tell me its 50:50 between sony and ms fans (don't know where the ninty fanboys are) because its not.
The high level of ms hate by sony fanboys on here means that ms fanboys do respond in kind but the numbers are smaller.
if it was mainly ms fans on here i do doubt they would be as bad but dont doubt worse than now and the sony club would be responding like the ms lot are now as they shouldn't have to take that sort of treatment.

Saying but before ms fans said this is bull as it started with sony fans before the original xbox was out and sony was already in first place.

It would be nice to have conversation's on here but not possible due the constant attacks and counter attacks.

ms fans are not as bad as sony fans... that might change.

wallace10003479d ago

Since there is lots of question asking going on, i have one for you. Where are all your bubbles? Does it maybe have something to do with the quality of your posts? I am sure those 26 ignores should tell you something too.

The Makr3479d ago

As much as I would like to just facepalm this article and move on, I feel the need to point out why. It's not so much his poor logic, (some people do just want to play games and that's it and you can do that finew with an arcade), obvious bias (PS3 cost a "little more", try double), or jingoistic style - I have a lot of practice dealing with that on N4G on a daily basis. No, it's really the fact that this article reads on a level of what you would expect if you were a 7th grade teacher and assigned your class a creative wrting assignment and one of your lower-to-mid tier students turned this in. You would give them a C- and hand it back. But that would be for a lower-to-mid tier 7th grader! I assume this hack is an adult, and as such, he ought to possess a greater than 7th grade education/writing level.

If only I could have those two minutes back.

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Nitrowolf23480d ago

Posted by Silogon at 6:41 AM Labels: silogon's insight

Omega43480d ago

Of course they are the pricecut will mean the only competition for them this year will be the Wii

And Fable 2 and Gears 2 are guaranteed to be the biggest sellers this holiday season

Killjoy30003480d ago

Sorry, but LBP will be battling it out with Geras, not Fable.

Imallvol73480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

Hahahahaha. Fable 2??? That's going to have about as much impact and Ninja Gaiden II did. Gears of War 2 though . . . that is an 800lb gorilla. However, I think Resistance 2 will be just as good if not better, so if Sony would just start freaking advertising, they would be much better off.

I think LBP will be the most popular item of the year though and really drive PS3 sales. I mean, did you see the frenzy over Beta Codes??? Gears 2 is the only game that can beat it. I am getting both!

Oh, and WII wins all.

Transporter473480d ago

It will not be the highest sold game this holiday season, for obvious reasons, LBP, trust me it will sell more than the first Gears and i can guarantee it, and you know why, is because it goes for both Casual and Hardcore gamers, unlike gears which is just hardcore mainly, also you have to realize that Blue Ray movies like the Black Knight will be releasing this holiday season, and trust me Batman Fans will get this on Blue Ray and most likely they will pick up a PS3, now if the PS3 bundles with a Dark Knight movie Microsoft is Pwned

wallace10003479d ago

Isn't comparing Gears and LBP like comparing apples and oranges? They are two totally different genres, and while i think they will both appeal to some people i think these two games will ultimately appeal to different crowds because LBP is more of an "all ages" game, while Gears is not.

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Internet Trolling Ex3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

The answer is a musical ♪ No ♪

TheColbertinator3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

Hey,how did you do that musical note letter? That was neat

Omega43480d ago

I think he just inserted special characters

✄ ☠ ✈ ☏ ♪ ♩ ⚄ ✐

eric1003480d ago

owned by Gamesblow aka The BABOON SILOGON

razer3480d ago

For once I agree with you eric. The fact he is arguing for the PS3 this holiday makes him a baboon beyond measure.

Zerodin3480d ago

They won't win as big as the Wii, but they'll outdo Sony!
The financial crunch works in MS's favor.
You want a game system for Christmas, but you need it cheap? The Arcade 360 is a safe bet, especially since RROD is dead.

karlostomy3480d ago

Did you just make your own blog and then contribute it to n4g?

OMG man. You are lame.
Lame lame lame loser.

I suppose it would be ok if someone else had contributed this, but the fact that you wrote it and then propagated it by your own submission is ... uncool!
Is there anything more shameful than the blatant narcissism and self promotion that YOU exhibit?

Let me guess. You are also a lead guitarist, right?

ok. That figures.

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jkhan3480d ago

I think there price point will be the major factor. As far as games goes, no matter what people say, I own a 360 and I know the only good games this year on 360 were multiplatform games. Plus the 360 exclusive released so far (Too Human, NG2) were lackluster. There are only two exclusive games (Gears 2 and Fable 2) that are worth getting on 360 this year. PS3 despite all the great games is still expensive when compared to 360 and Wii. I wouldn't be surprised if 360 manages to outsell ps3 this holiday season. But that won't be because of games, it will be because of price point.

bouncybullet3480d ago

I agree.

But I'm more pumped about Fable 2, And Fallout 3 more than any of the other games coming to us.

I'm hoping a demo of LBP gets put out though.
(wasn't lucky/motivated enough to get into the beta.)

Playstation will have it's day soon.