Destiny 2's Roadmap Changes Still Aren't Good Enough

Yesterday, Bungie gave a finer, more detailed look at the roadmap for Destiny 2 changes planned for the next few months. By the end of February, players can expect quality of life changes such as being able to see fireteam members on the map, text chat for PC players, reduction of duplicate exotics and more. However it is still missing crucial changes that the game needs.

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Parasyte311d ago

Personally, they are a great start, but the future of D2 hangs on the content of the next DLC. I feel that if the May DLC is another Curse of Osiris, then D2 is doomed.

hulk_bash1987311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

Bungies good faith fell through with Curse of Osiris. I have enough fun with the game to jump on every week. But they need to really change directions and fast. Otherwise their player base will shrink even more than it is, less than a year in.

Parasyte311d ago

Absolutely! I was talking about this with a friend of mine. D2 will probably stay alive regardless of what happens through the next year or two, but if D3 comes out with the same problems that D1 and D2 had, then Bungie and the Destiny franchise will die.

pubex311d ago

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