TGS 2008: Final Fantasy XIII demo is limited

The latest word from Tokyo Game Show 2008 is that only the first batch of Final Fantasy Advent Children: Complete releases will include the Final Fantasy XIII demo as a bonus. That means that if you want any chance at all to play the demo, you'll probably want to pre-order the Blu-Ray movie from various online shops.

There is no extra cost, the first releases are not considered as "limited editions", Square Enix has simply decided that the demo will only be inside the first batch. The first releases will probably run out in a week or two, so be quick!

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Wildarmsjecht3418d ago

Wait, is this for Japan? or for US/Eu? Or both?

Lanoire3418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

Word is that everything SE charges for everything nowadays.

You want trailers on your show? Gotta pay for it.
You want information, pictures or scans in your magazine? Gotta pay for it.

You want demo included as a bundle? Gotta pay for it.
And word is that it aint cheap either.

To see FF13 demo included with the blu ray Advent Children bundle, it probably costed Sony quite a lot.

Hence, Im not surprised that the bundle with the demo is limited.
They (SE) probably charge by amount of bundles too.

So much for "swinging the ball back" to the PS3 eh?
Man, level 5 ftw.

Winter47th3418d ago

Wasn't the point of demos is to reach as many consumers out there as possible? this's simply terrible, most people who are planning to buy AC were doing it to get the demo in the first place, if it's only in the first batch, then why bother.

Death3418d ago

The point of putting in the demo is to increase sales on the movie. Square is providing the demo so Square can make up some of the money they lost on the movie. Once the movie sales slow down, they will most likely start distributing the demo in other ways. Possibly with Qore in the States since that is their recent move towards "premium" content followed later with a general release.


Lanoire3418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

Not for FF.
FF series sell several million copies anyway regardless of demo or not.

So including a demo is pointless for SE anyway. It doesnt help them as much as Sony.
Hence, including a demo will push that console sales a little further anyway. Its like a service SE provides. And like all other services, there is a price tag...

meepmoopmeep3418d ago

the reason for this is because they want people to order right away hoping to get the first batch and hence they will generate more sales on launch.

lordgodalming3418d ago

is that AC: Complete is only planned for Japan, let alone the version that will contain a demo for FFXIII. I was going to drop the hammer and import on day 1, but there's pretty much no way to guarantee that I'd get one of the first releases, so Square has just lost another 40 bucks. This is getting f'ing ridiculous.

White Knight anyone?

AAACE53417d ago

Fetch boy fetch... That's a good dog!

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Nitrowolf23418d ago

wow here hoping that everyone would be able to try it out.

B-Rein3418d ago

Damn you SE, curse on you your games wil never sell muhuhuahahahah (j/k i like some se games)

meepmoopmeep3418d ago

a week or two?

try a day or two.

MrWonderful3418d ago

i will be watching play-asia like a hawk.

meepmoopmeep3418d ago

me too, once it's up i'm ordering it

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