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ArchangelMike166d ago

That's an excellent deal, more publishers should definately do this with their season passes.

Now if only I had the time to play two massive open world games... *sigh

166d ago
HotFuzz101166d ago

Haven't Activision done this with infinite Warfare bundle with Modern Warfare ?

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Yi-Long166d ago (Edited 166d ago )

Ubisoft also did it with South Park, where you got the first game with the 2nd one (with certain releases)

darthv72166d ago

Dont forget you got Dishonored when you got Dishonored 2.

zackeroniii166d ago


_-EDMIX-_166d ago

Well technically speaking I don't believe this is the first time this has ever happened....

TheSaint165d ago

I just pray that we can skip cutscenes in Classic FC3.

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Knushwood Butt166d ago

Because they still haven't bothered to patch it.

Germ_the_Nobody166d ago

Because it's a direct port with no improvements for the current gen.

Internetratnik166d ago

Yeah thats hilarious lol, "the classic" is now supposed to be a 8 year old game in the series that feels exactly the same as every sequel. Its embarassing act of lazyness and non motivation. But hey, most of us are guilty aswell so...
But seriously, how could they call this the classic. ?!

Germ_the_Nobody166d ago

It was a really great game. "Classic Edition" I'm sure is just to make it obvious that it's not an enhanced version. But for some reason some people still think it's some kind of remaster. It isn't.

Internetratnik165d ago

Didnt think it was a remaster or anything like it, its just weird how they can call this game a classic, even though all new far cry games feel the same, just different looks. So far cry games are a classic by default as soon as they release lol

Marcello166d ago

Hhmm ok, yet another copy paste port of one of Ubisoft`s last good games. Copy & paste & still only 30fps on next gen.

starsi360166d ago

How do you know it’s 30fps and not enhanced?
If I had to guess I’d say you’re probably right ... but I can’t seem to find an answer in any of the articles about it

Marcello166d ago

Well when have Ubisoft brought out an old game that wasnt just a simple port? I would love this remastered and/or in VR. Far Cry 3 is an awesome game so it deserves at least some kind of extra polish if they want people`s money again. I`m all for remasters of great games but some devs just take the p!ss.

starsi360166d ago

Ezio collection was a remaster (although apparently not a great one). Assassins creed rogue is coming out remastered in March

Marcello166d ago

The Ezio port wasnt good at all. As for the Rogue remaster it actually has remaster in the title unlike Far Cry classic edition (prob called that cos it has that tiny piece of dlc in it). We will see what they have done to Rogue when it come out.

naji2004166d ago

VR Will be Greaaaaa88888888888888888T.

Marcello166d ago

I dream of Far Cry 3 in VR :)

mozzie166d ago

it's already on backcompat..

V10Elit3x166d ago (Edited 166d ago )

Do you get new achievements on FarCry 3 while using back compat, ehhh nope. Then I wont bother. Rather take a remake or remaster with increased framerate/visuals with the same set of achievements on my Xbox One X over back compat easy!

UnHoly_One166d ago

A lot of people don't care about achievements.

I have more than most people and I've even grown tired of them. The new achievement notifications (especially the "rare" ones) are so annoying that I actually turned my notifications off, something I never thought I would do.

V10Elit3x166d ago

@Unholy. I like those sounds. But I do like achievements on steam, xbox and trophies on PSN in general.

UnHoly_One165d ago

I like the original achievement sound.

The new one for rare achievements, with the diamond icon and the ridiculously long and loud sound is the one that drove me to turn off notifications. lol

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