TGS 2008: New FFXIII and Versus XIII Trailers Detailed

NeoGAF user Autumn Thread was lucky enough to be one of the few who viewed the Final Fantasy XIII Live Premiere at the PlayStation Hall at 16:00 today. The user wrote his impressions on the various Square Enix trailers shown at the event, and especially on the new Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailers.

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Nitrowolf23422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

thx, well that sucks,

soul3422d ago

There are no videos, just details. Refresh until you can read.

theKiller3422d ago

since before even FF12 was out!! so thats like 4 years and still no demo??

square enix, u just scr*wed ur self

Tacticity3422d ago

How about showing something ingame.

soul899er3422d ago

HA! HE SAID Versus looks graphically better than XIII, Thats Awesome! I think most all of us are more interested in Versus. Thanks Nomura-san! xD

SuPa-MaRiO3422d ago

Im Very Disappointed At The Tokyo Game Show And Even Square-Enix Its Been Years Of No New Final Fanatasy Wats The Hold Up Guys Are U Scared 2 Put It Out The Info

IzKyD13313422d ago

whats with all this secrecy?
why are all the good stuff being hidden from the public?

PirateThom3422d ago

i have two theories:

1. Because they have nothing to show.
2. Square Enix have become so lost in their own hype, they think they can show games in the ridiculous closed mega theater, keep them hidden from the public and string them along with nothing until just before release when they'll give away everything in one fell hype-filled swooop.

IzKyD13313422d ago

well one things for sure, everyone not at TGS is being punished....for all we know, they could be revealing the new Team ICO game to a select number of people with a bigass NDA

Spike473422d ago

SE love to dissapoint us?

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The story is too old to be commented.