Xbox 360, Cave Shoot 'Em Up, Up, Up

Kotaku writes: "There's no doubt. Your official Japanese shoot 'em up console is the Xbox 360. Shuffled away in the Microsoft booth, there are short lines for two very solid Cave shooters: DoDonPachi Dai Ou Jou Black Label Extra and Ketsui. Both games are getting Xbox 360 ports, and there's even a Hori arcade stick for Ketsui and thus really making the floor demo experience. Obviously, since it's the first Ketsui stage, it's hard to get an in-depth comparison between the port and the arcade version. However, when I asked a representative from the company that did the port, I was told that it was a straight-up arcade port."

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Emmo3421d ago

Shoot'em ups and RPGs, 360 is onto the right path in Japan

ErcsYou3421d ago

I really hope these shooters make there way to the US. If not i will be forced to either MOD my 360 or import a Japanese 360