How Long Should Games Be?

Like a toilet flushing in reverse, the starfield swirls back into existence. Hyperjumps are never precise, so you check the map to see where you wound up and are crestfallen to discover that you're on exactly the wrong side of the huge ion cloud in the middle of this system.

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tetsuhana3481d ago

50-100 Hours for RPGS
15-20 Hours for everything else.

Fanboy Slaughter3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

There's almost never a "perfect length" of time for a game, just depends on the story and how far you can take it before you draw it out too far and it's time to bring it to an end. I'd like to give three examples.

Heavenly Sword: Much too short.

This game I had beat in about 5 hours. Fortunately, I had the stunning graphics and best acting I have ever seen in a game to make up for it. There's was so much they could've done to help branch out the story a lot more, but given this game was over 6 years in development (with 2 or 3 COMPLETE tear-downs and rebuilds), the budget could only allow for a short, but awesome game.

Uncharted: Just about right.

I say this because they took both the story and gameplay about as far as it could go without being too reptitive or uneccessary. About 7 or 8 hours was good, the game felt complete when it was supposed to.

Dark Sector: Far too long.

The only reason I say this is because there is a sh!t-ton of repetitous gameplay with very little story to help to understand what EXACTLY you're doing. Yes I know, I'm stopping a virus from spreading, blah blah blah, nothing we haven't done before in a game. But the game keeps going, and going, and going until the end, as it ends with one the most unsatisfying, lackluster endings that leaves you wanting to hurl the game out the window for wasting your time on it.

There's almost never a "Perfect length" of a game, part of the fun is finding out just how long it goes.