10° Did Making A Game That Works As Advertised Suddenly Become Impossible

ZKG writes "By now I know that I am not the only gamer that feels like this so I just had to say it for all of us. I mean really has it become that hard that not even experienced companies can do it effectively. I mean really, have the budgets gotten so tight that they just forsake Q&A?

The game that just brought this to mind is NBA 2K9 which has major issues with its online component, I have had the game since its release and save the day I wasted playing Fracture (I will write about that later), I have only been been able to successfully get online and actually play a game a grand total of..ONE time!! I mean I have to just watch as the rapper "The Game", tears up the leaderboards and I can't even get my game on? (I see you L-A-X, I am coming for you lol, and before you try to add him as a friend, his friend list is already full I tried :) )How does this happen you say, well first off the online portion of games is not rated by the ESRB."

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