Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles (Dreamcast) preorder started

After intensive "Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles" porting and enhancement work redspotgames and Yuan Works annouce the preorder start of the Dreamcast version today.

Yuan Works released their debut game after years of developing last year for the GamePark GP2X and became a finalist at the Independent Games Festival Mobile in San Francisco.

Exclusive features only available in the Dreamcast compatible version:

* Introducing the new character: Mr. VMU!
* The game is fully translated into both English and Japanese.
* New Arcade Mode Danger Break system!
* New graphics and art, and slides!
* New cutscenes (and more embarassing moments)!
* New extensive manual and packaging for the Dreamcast version!

Package information:

* Professional pressed CD-ROM with 4 color print
* 40 page full color manual, extra thick (125 g/qm)
* English and Japanese manual text with many artworks
* Shrinkpacked Spinecard (Obi)
* Jewel Case with white tray

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