Final Fantasy VII Remake’s New Images Finally Get Some Clear High-Resolution Pictures

Better pictures have finally surfaced of the new artwork of the Final Fantasy VII Remake showcased by Square Enix at an exhibition in Tokyo.

(you need to click where it says "B's Remake Art Gallery photos" to reveal the pictures)

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264d ago
PhoenixUp264d ago

How long until we see something more substantial

GBG_Jason263d ago

Probably quite a while... At least one of the shows this year.

TFJWM263d ago

I am sure something will be at E3 this year and that is only a few months away.

OmnislashVer36263d ago

They might just try to play up the hype for KH3 and give us something substantial a few months after it's out.

I wouldn't be surprised if it's already getting 4K textures and being optimized for a forthcoming console(PS5, *wink*wink*) as well as a PS4 release though. This is looking more and more like a 2020 game.

Wolf873263d ago

Gauging by their comments from long ago, they want to do it right so yeah probably couple more months before we see anything concrete. I'd guess at E3 this year.

InKnight7s262d ago

Next year e3 or any confrence after KH3 release date.

DivineAssault 263d ago

They need to stop showing off games super early.. Wait until theres a trailer at least.. Anyway, cant wait for this.. Fingers crossed square doesnt F it up

Artemidorus262d ago

This won't arrive for this generation, they had to rework it again.

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