PS4 vs Xbox One vs Switch Global Lifetime Sales - December 2017

During the month of December 2017, the Switch outsold the PS4 by 579,988 units for the month and the Xbox One by 2.34 million units. The PS4 outsold the Xbox One by 1.76 million units.

When you compare monthly sales to a year ago, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are down. The PlayStation 4 is down 818,629 units and the Xbox One is down 247,676 units.

Taking a look at the marketshare, the Nintendo Switch managed to achieve 42 percent. The PlayStation 4 accounted for 37 percent of the consoles sold, and the Xbox One 21 percent.

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JaguarEvolved316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

After all fanatical chatter, reality sets in

PlayStation 4 Total Sales: 73,635,516

Xbox One Total Sales: 36,372,239

Switch Total Sales: 13,361,768

darthv72316d ago

Nice to see switch making up the wiiu numbers in less than a year.

trunkswd316d ago

It is well deserved with its strong first year lineup.

fiveby9316d ago

Wow looking at the monthly chart, did Xbox actually decrease from Nov to Dec? The initial wave of X1X release wore off that quick? I have to imagine most of the X1X sales are to existing X1 owners who are upgrading their console. I imagine the majority of PS4 sales were the slim model with a significant portion of those to new customers and maybe some getting a second console. As for Nintendo, the Switch makes a great secondary console. Lots of opportunity for Nintendo to sell still.

ThinkThink316d ago

Great numbers for all 3! Healthy industry

trunkswd316d ago

It was a strong holiday for all 3 major consoles.

novi316d ago

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butchertroll316d ago

Really, PS4 in 2017 sold in 20+ mil., Xbone......barely 8 mil ( same thing in 2016 happened ). VG consistently pushing 2 : 1 ratio, well, it's bigger than 2:1 ratio. Xbone is in downfall since beginning of 2015. It was around 10 mil. at the end of 2014 ( by Satya ). When you have 10 mil at the beginning of 2015 and consistently Xbone's downfall each year till beginning of 2018, i thing Xbone didn't passed 35 mil. WW sold-through.

Tobse316d ago

They grow year over year console sales while PlayStation declines and yet we see the opposit from vg Charts

butchertroll316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

Xbox has a grow YOY? No!

That's just a part. Everything is due to lower hardware sales :

FY2016 Q1 Hardware revenue down 17% YoY
FY2016 Q3 Hardware revenue down 26% YoY
FY2016 Q4 Hardware revenue down 33% YoY
FY2017 Q1 Hardware revenue down 26% YoY
FY2017 Q2 Hardware revenue down 22% YoY
FY2017 Q3 Hardware revenue down 20% YoY
FY2017 Q4 Hardware revenue down 21% YoY
FY2018 Q1 Hardware revenue down 48% YoY
FY2018 Q2 Hardware revenue up 14% YoY ( because XboneX )

Btw. if you didn't know, PS4 sold-through in 2017 was 20.2, yet they shipped 19.4 mil in 2017. Yes, PS4 is in decline. LOL! You're hilarious! You have no idea what you're talking about

And also, did you know that PS4 consistently outselling Xbone in US ( Xbone strongest market ) since 2013?
Did you know that Xbone is in decline in US since 2015, while PS4 is up YOY in US?

Xbone fans will never learn! NEVER!

Neonridr316d ago

at least you live up to your username. Relax.

Rude-ro316d ago

And to think... today Sony announced 76.5 million sold.
So this old article, that is for some reason still in December yet having multiple articles a week, plus today’s news...
Sony has sold 2.9 million consoles in the month of January. Wow.
Will be interesting to see what numbers vgcharts posts in their January article next month.

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PhoenixUp316d ago

“The PlayStation 4 passed the 73 million mark, the Xbox One the 36 million mark and the Switch the 11 million mark. The PS4 has sold 73.64 million units lifetime, the Xbox One 36.37 million units, and the Switch 13.36 million units.”

Article talks about how Switch crossed 11 million mark yet lists actual sales 13.36 million

trunkswd316d ago

Thanks for pointing that out. The number has been fixed.

Neonridr316d ago

well we have official confirmation from Nintendo that it was 13+ million for 2017.

Poobz316d ago

Switch says hello, I'm new and killing PS4 already.

badz149316d ago

killing? so...the PS4 outsold the Switch in 2017 by a significant margin (over 20mil PS4 vs over 10mil Switch) and yet the Switch is killing it? LOL can't win with Nintendo fanboy's logic! throwing math out of the window!

ConsoleGamer316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

Let them have their victories even if they are fake. Those who aren't in denial know the truth. But on the other side, forget it. People have to be confronted if they spread utter BS

Strafe316d ago


Nintendo actually sold nearly 15 mil, and that's not a full year.

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Poobz316d ago

Got to keep those fankids happy.

But Switch sold half mil more than ps4. Switch for the win this gen easily.

UCForce316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

Get a freaking grip ! Are you Nintendo fanboy ?

CaptainSellers316d ago

The PS4 sold like 7 million more the whole year, try not to make yourself look stupid.

Glad to see the Switch have a strong debut year and end with excellent sales. Great exclusives generate sales for PS4 and Switch ;)

welly300316d ago

They had to bring in new hardware to compete this gen.. only market they might win is japan because it more ds then it is a true console.

Neonridr316d ago

it's winning the US month after month too. UK is where PS4 rules.

quent315d ago

Switch is the fastest selling console in NA regions history, what are you talking about ?

Gardenia316d ago

The Xbox One X release really didn't do anything for Microsoft

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