70+ Xbox One X Enhanced Games are Currently In Development

From the start of 2018 over seventy games are listed as officially being Xbox One X enhanced with a number of these titles being labeled as coming soon to the premium Xbox console.

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Kribwalker291d ago

Nice. I’m currently sitting at 50 OneX enhanced games right now, loving the support

Septic291d ago

Mid gen refresh done right

291d ago
Vectrexer291d ago

Same here!
Keep em coming!

thexmanone288d ago

But from what is said here, Xbox has no games. Did you use photo shop? this can`t be true.

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BigWan78291d ago

good to here that devs are supporting the mid-gen console...

all future (yet released titles) should pretty much be enhanced on day and date of release going forward

timotim290d ago

I've been enjoying my experience on my X and 4K OLED immensely. The support from the developer community has been stellar and I hope Microsoft continues it in 2018. Would love to see more 360 and original Xbox titles receive the enhanced treatment.

kevnb290d ago

red dead redemption needs to be enhanced!

timotim290d ago

I can definitely get behind that!

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