Microsoft Buying EA For Xbox Wouldn't Make Any Sense

Forbes: “Yesterday, Polygon ran a lengthy piece about the struggles of the Xbox brand to produce must-have exclusives while its rivals, Sony and Nintendo, continue to shine that area. Microsoft acknowledges this problem (unlike many of its most die-hard fans, I might add), but it will take some time to fix it, as these kinds of games take years to develop.

But what if they didn’t?

One idea the piece puts forward is that Microsoft may be in the market to acquire other publishers to expand their games roster instantly. The Polygon piece says a “reliable source close to Microsoft” told them Electronic Arts itself has recently been considered for a purchase, and everyone took off running with that rumor.

This has resulted in a number of breathless gasps among the community (and even a tick up for EA stock), but before that gets too out of control, it should be noted that A) the idea of “looking into” an acquisition like this is not terribly unusual and B) in this specific instance, it’s probably not going to happen for a number of reasons.”

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Dlaw76317d ago

He we go again if Sony was in talks with buying these companies they would have been butterflies and rainbows everywhere

_-EDMIX-_317d ago

Well that's because they actually have a history of nurturing Studios and allowing them to create new intellectual properties to keep them profitable.

Microsoft has a history of purchasing Studios using they're established intellectual properties and then closing them down once they're done with them..

When Sony purchase naughty dog you got Uncharted The Last of Us when they purchase Guerrilla Games you got Horizon zero Dawn...

Microsoft bought Bungie and all you got was Halo like crack and then when bungee wanted to do something else Microsoft showed them the door and they're now making Destiny for someone else.

Lionhead was purchased all they did was make Fable and as soon as they were done just making Fable Microsoft showed them the door.

Sooooo do you not see a pattern of this Behavior?

I find it very troubling that 343 in Coalition are literally named based on the specific properties they have now been slaved to work on. So most people don't feel comfortable with hearing Microsoft is going to buy a team because they have a history of forcing teams to make the same game for the next billion years.

I don't even think there's a problem with Microsoft purchasing a team I simply think there's actually a problem with my Microsoft currently it's treating the majority of their Studios. So at this rate who Microsoft purchase doesn't really matter if they're going to keep doing the same practice over and over again.

Dlaw76317d ago

Boy you must be sick or something Sony shut down more than Microsoft and EA combined over the years what the hell happened to that company that made Driveclub they had some great engineers over there

GottaBjimmyb317d ago (Edited 317d ago )

Just this gen:

Game Republic - Genji series, Folklore, Dark Mist, Toy Home
Incognito Entertainment - Twisted Metal series, Warhawk
Relentless Software - Buzz! series
Bigbig Studios - Pursuit Force series
Zipper Interactive - SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs series, MAG, Unit 13
SCE Studio Liverpool - Wipeout, F1
LightBox Interactive - Starhawk
Eat Sleep Play - Twisted Metal, Calling All Cars!
SuperBot Entertainment - PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
Evolution studio - driveclub
Guerilla Cambridge - Rigs, killzone, medievel, etc

But MS is the only one who can mismanage a studio ... right... heck, to be honest, if Zipper still existed, I think they would have been capable of the best response to PUBG of ANY other company, and probably made the best Battle Royale game to date.

That all said, MS won't buy EA, and EA wouldn't sell. The only way I see this deal existing would be if EA sold everything except for it's sport franchises. If it does happen though, no question it would be a major selling point for MS, as the sad reality is Sony and MS thrive by having content the other doesn't, despite the fact you guys ignore that reality.

dirkdady317d ago

Think your mixing up mismanaging vs performance managing studios out.

Giving a studio creative freedom doesn't mean they will be successful and doesn't guarantee that in the long run will be financially viable.
However I agree with the other posts there Microsoft has a history of stifling creative freedom no one can deny that. Yes these are businesses but you have to take a leap of faith even if it ends up putting you in the negative at times.

Mr_Writer85317d ago

Are you that desperate for attention that you have to make stuff up?

It's a bit cringe don't you think?

Dlaw76317d ago Show
Mr_Writer85316d ago


A) I'm 32

B) you're a grown man making things up on the Internet.

C) If you don't class Gran Turismo, Jak and Daxter, etc then your opinion means even less to me then it did...

D) I don't hate MS, why would I?

PhoenixUp317d ago

No hardware manufacturer should be buying major publishers period

BlackIceJoe317d ago

I really wish it would, because then it proves MS is finally getting serious about making games. Some of the EA games would most likely be multiplayer, but a lot would be exclusive to Xbox and PC. Madden would become exclusive to Xbox, but other companies could make NFL games again and other companies could make Star Wars games too. Dambuster Studios which was made out of the ashes of Free Radical could finally bring out there Star Wars Battlefront 3 game.

PhoenixUp317d ago

That’s what I’ve been saying

Auron317d ago (Edited 317d ago )

How would it not make sense??! Itd be a huge win for microsoft. Fifa ,madden and battlefield wold be exclusive to microsoft. That sounds like a win.

Wikkid666317d ago

If they did get EA all the big current titles would still be cross platform. The big power play would be that they would add them to game pass.

Razzer317d ago (Edited 317d ago )

They are not going to buy a company with $6 billion in assets just to boost their $10/month Game Pass subscription

Razzer317d ago

The licensing issue is a significant roadblock. FIFA and Madden are not owned by EA. I seriously doubt FIFA and the NFL would allow their games to become Xbox exclusive, cutting out their primary source of game revenue: PS4 gamers.

Razzer317d ago

I must have missed the For Sale sign in front of the Sony offices.