Timesonline Reviews: Gaming laptops

The PC is the hardcore gamer's system of choice. Here are some of the reasons:

Multiplayer madness: Although the PS3 and Xbox allow you to play some games online, the PC remains the only passport to massive virtual environments such as World of Warcraft. You also need a computer to get the most out of the internet components of more complex strategy games such as Spore or Civilization.

Gaming power: The processors and graphics found in games consoles cannot be upgraded, but with PCs the sky is the limit. As a result, the PC is host to the world's most graphically advanced computer game: the almost photo-realistic 3D action title Crysis. True portability: You can tote a PS3 in a carrier bag, but not the TV you'll need to play a game on. All-in-one laptops like these not only pump pixels as quickly as most big-box PCs, but also offer true gaming-on-the-go. Bear in mind, though, that as laptops go, these are huge, with battery life of just a few hours.

Adaptability: These are also, of course, high-powered computers, able to run any software you throw at them. You can't edit a spreadsheet on an Xbox. Fine control: The controllers used with consoles are great for the likes of driving games, but for first-person shooters and strategy games the speed and precision of a mouse-and-keyboard combination are unbeatable.

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