New Xbox Dashboard…..Serving the Community?

If all rumours and speculation are true, then November will be the month when console owners stumble blindly into their own little virtual world. Microsoft is releasing its new dashboard called the New Xbox Experience. This is an overhaul of the dashboard and we're also getting the addition of Avatars. With all this amazing content coming, I'm left with one simple question…..Is this what we really wanted, did the community have its say?

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ape0073540d ago

overall,yes it's a very nice update tbh

looks and feels fresh but some people dislike the fact that it's mandatory,for me I love it,am looking forward to it

and I can wait for ps3 home too

home looks damn hot too

happy face :)

Fox013539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

Updates are always mandatory. And Microsoft gives you the option to keep your former dashboard (the blades) if you want.
And we all know noone (excepts the PS3 fanboys, who for that matter don't have 360s), would want to keep the old dashboard. It's just a pretext to bash microsoft and the 360.

LukeTheBadguy3539d ago

sorry pal its not mandatory

ape0073539d ago

whats up with you

"It's just a pretext to bash microsoft and the 360. "

fanboys always get me wrong,when it comes to online gaming,360 easely get the upper hand,cause of the amazing feature"join session in progress" and "invite friends",you get what you pay for

but yes you want to see people's reaction,just go youtube and see video related to the new xbox experience(make sure it have lots of views to sum up a lot of comments) and see the comments,I saw a lot of people didn't like it

yes they are mandatory

Fox013539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

I have lots of friends (real ones, not virtual friends, yes I'm looking at you Ape) with 360s and they all love the how the NXE looks, plus all it has to offer (party chat, game installs...)

You should go out a little and breath some fresh air, talk to real people, Ape, the Internet is making you see things.

ape0073539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )


please listen to me

we don't want fight on these things

imagine if there are no sony or ms just one console named A and it has gears2,bioshock,mgs4,uncharted ,mass effect,god of war 3,r2,ms2,halo 3 and everything,am sure you'll enjoy them all

just remember that ms,sony,bunjie,epic,kojima productions,insomniac did these games for us to enjoy them,they worked all the time just for us to enjoy,rethink about your fanboyism,am not saying leave your 360,no enjoy it,support it,love it(as I do) but also you have to see other games and appreciate gaming cause you are a gamer

I hope this ends with this,see you soon buddy :)

Fox013539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

Ape I really don't know what you're talking about. You're making it sound like I said PS3 sucks, all games on the PS3 "flop", suck @ss...
I'm a gamer buddy and I'm all against exclusives BTW.

If I could pay like $100 for a console, in order to play all games on the 360/PS3/WII/PSP/DS, I would (that's probably why most of us had PS2s lastgen, almost all the good games where on that system, I'm sure you didn't care that it was a Sony console).

I didn't pledge allegiance to any company. But when I hear people giving incorrect informations, I just HAVE to step foward and tell them they're wrong, then tell them why I think they're.
For instance, you were "half" wrong about the "mandatory update".... so I had to correct you.

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Bangladesh3539d ago

Since when is the Nov release of the NXE "rumor and speculation"? Microsoft officially announced it's Nov 19 release at TGS.

meepmoopmeep3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

oh, you'll get served alright


but seriously, it's a good addition to cater for the family type people.
i personally like it.
i don't know how the grunt shooter boys will lke it though.

Internet Trolling Ex3539d ago

It's shafting the community,specifically,those who were tricked into buying the cheapest model of the failbox

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