Which Platform Will Win The Crown This Year: PS4, Xbox One or, Nintendo Switch?

Leif: It’s 2018 and it ushers a new year into gaming. While it looks like PlayStation won last year with the slew of high caliber games that came out, it is yet to be seen if that will still be the case this year. The three gaming giants have taken all gloves off for a fighting match for the ages as they throw punches here and there to reign superior to each other this year. Let’s look at what each has to offer us this year.

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JaguarEvolved196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

PlayStation 4

darthv72195d ago

with God of War and Spiderman... no doubt PS4 wins this year.

travestyj195d ago

And Dreams, Yakuza, Ni No Kuni II, Detroit and possibly Days Gone.

The Wood195d ago

The one with the most highest rated games

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen194d ago

Agree with the OP. With all the exclusive games PS4 has coming out this year more people will choose PS4, especially if both models get a permanent price drop.

YEP414195d ago

They all profitable..its funny when people say xbox struggle in 2017...never

TFJWM195d ago

So you think Xbox did well in 2017? When you release a new system and can't even win that month in your strongest territory I don't see how that is not struggling...

Neonridr194d ago

@TFJWM - who cares at the end of the day if the PS4 sold more? You aren't an investor. If you have good games to play on your console of choice, shouldn't that be all that matters?

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ArchangelMike196d ago

My predictions for 2018

Most Consoles Sold = PS4
Fastest Selling Console = Nintendo Switch
Most Hours Played online = Xbox

These days Microsoft seems to be happy with obscure achievements that take focus away from the fact that they're not market leader anymore.

Brian7655492196d ago

This is true. They may take the crown for the most subscription models.

PS4 should easily take most systems sold but Nintendo may surprise us all with Nintendo Labo. They could really take off.

TFJWM195d ago

I guess with Game Pass and Live that is possible but considering PS+ has higher numbers than Xboxs sold I'm not sure...

bluefox755195d ago

Most loot boxes purchased.

AmstradAmiga195d ago

Surely that would be for PlayStation.

UCForce195d ago

@AmstradAmiga But which company do more micro transactions ? Well, MS do the most.

UCForce195d ago

@AmatradAmiga As long PS focus on Single Player, they will keep doing that.

yomfweeee195d ago

How can Switch sell faster but less within a particular year?

ngaydazng7194d ago

17 mill for ninth 20 for ps4

343_Guilty_Spark195d ago

Most hours mean more subscribers paying

UCForce195d ago

That doesn’t mean Xbox winning Console War.

UCForce195d ago (Edited 195d ago )

Let just say that Xbox One isn’t going to make comeback just PS3 did.

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