God of War Limited Edition PS4 Pro Leaked By Bulgarian Retailer

God of War might be getting a limited edition version of the PS4 Pro as leaked through a listing by a Bulgarian retailer.

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LateNightThirst287d ago

Really wanna know what the support is for the Pro on this game, its gorgeous on the base system, I can only imagine how much better it looks on hardware more than twice as powerful

mercyblades286d ago

Just a dumb random guess, but maybe better draw distance, less frame-rate loss during crowded battles, and perhaps more AA?

KwietStorm286d ago

Did they say that what's been shown so far was on the base model?

Hardiman286d ago

Seems like they said last E3 was on base model.

jukins286d ago

Most of the footage we've seen is from ps4 pro

Goldby286d ago

They are advertising it on the base ps4 their new commercial states its captured in a base ps4

RememberThe357286d ago

A bunch of the gameplay showed to Game Informer was on PS4P, I think it's safe to say it'll take advantage of the Pro

EverydayJoe286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

I think Spiderman LE PS pro model could be a good looking console.

Matrix6286d ago

I don't think it's God of War Limited Edition PS4 Pro, it sounds more like a bundle pack to me. A standard PS4 Pro with the God of War game.

fenome286d ago

That's what I'm thinking too, I was hoping for a sick design on a console instead of box set on a bundle. I might get this anyway, I'm overdue for a Pro model.

Matrix6286d ago

I highly recommend a Pro if it fits your budget, I finally got one on a Lightning Deal from Amazon last Boxing Day. As much as I wanted a Limited Edition, the low price I got it for was too hard to pass on.
There's still time for Sony to announce an actual GoW LE console, I mean, Capcom announced the MHW LE Pro in the West just a week prior to release!

Sitdown286d ago

How much was it on lightning deal?

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The story is too old to be commented.