AusGamers TGS 2008 Prince of Persia - David Wilkinson Interview

During a video interview with AusGamers, animation lead on Prince of Persia, David Wilkinson reveals he's seen animation tests of Altair swimming!

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Shane Kim3419d ago

How can you say you have yet to see PS3 outperform xbox when it has done it since, Uncharted and GT5:P. I know that can perhaps be debateable, but then we have games like MGS4, KZ2 and Heavy Rain. Those games are without doubt the most impressive games so far. (Even though KZ2 and HR isn't out yet).

LikAChicken3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

Wow. That has got to be the most ignorant statements I have heard in a while.

"but it doesn't matter if it has 8 cores simply because no matter what they do that power it's harnessing can never be extracted anyway."

Yo my man it's obvious you have no idea, ABSOLUTELY NO idea, how a console works or operates. It's clear you don't know what the heck your talking about.

"There's a lot of unused potential in 360 and next year for example we will see more and more games outstrip the oh so powerful PS3...
also the PS3 is maxed out pretty much and I believe that they are going to have problems unless they make smaller games pushing it's potential."

You even stated that you know they have 8 cores. Yet you say its maxed out? Knowing developers haven't really passed 4 or 5 of its cores? And how in the world does "make smaller games" push a console's potential?

"You claim not to be a fanboy but making claims like that sure as he11 makes you look like one."

You my friend, are one of the biggest fanboys I have seen on this site. I feel like you can be intelligent, but when you make ignorant comments like that, you look foolish. Stop playing for microsoft and play as a gamer.geez...

Tomdc3419d ago

Assasins Creed 2 = Prince of Persia =P

another past life?

ThanatosDMC3419d ago

Yeah, i hated the whole "instant damage/death" if you fall in water... really really lame!

she00win993418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

i think lowcarb is just low in carbohydrates that's why his acting like a retarded fanboy...

oh sorry, wrong reply..

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slapsta723419d ago

lol, doubt it, and you just welcomed a flame war, sigh..

Ren3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

Sandbox games can be fitted in two discs.

What usually takes up space is the events.( disc1 you can still fully explore the world but when you reach a certain part in the story you need to change to disc 2.Like Shenmue1&2)

EDIT:lol i just replied the wrong post.This was meant for post #4.xD

ChampIDC3419d ago

If it follows a similar format to AC1, each city could be stored on a disc with the middle world on disc 1. With how much time you spend in a city, I wouldn't have a problem switching out between them.

thor3419d ago

You're right to a certain extent - remember the mulit-disk final fantasies on PS1? You could explore the entire world on more than one of the disks but the things that happened were different. Not exactly sandbox but still open world to a certain extent.

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360 man3419d ago

an option for large sandbox gamees is that it can be installed on to the hard drive with a disk 2 and played with disk 1

thereapersson3419d ago

But I thought that HD installs were a bad thing for a lot of people around here?

PirateThom3419d ago

Barring the fact Microsoft have a console with no harddrive.

360 man3419d ago

yh i guess people without the hard drive would probably have a hard time

PopEmUp3419d ago

how many Hdd space do we need or how many hdds for we to use in a long run?

Shane Kim3419d ago

360 man you hypocritical pos xbuttfan, wasn't it you and your entourage who said that installs was something bad and such? Well look at it now when your xsh!t 3sh!tty can only handle dvd-discs. Now your singing in another tone.

ChampIDC3419d ago

If you ask me, mandatory installs on a console is BS. Consoles are supposed to be quick to pick up and play, but a 10+ minute install the first time you play voids that notion. Sure, it's fine after the first time, but I don't see why it's even necessary. Consoles have always gotten by without it just fine.

Why o why3419d ago

at least he has the BALLS to change his mind. Something total fanboys cant do unless a game has gone multiplat to their console.

micro_invader3419d ago

It's a new era, man. Installs are just something you have to accept about this generation of consoles.

Waiting 5mins at the most for a game to install isn't that bad at all, pc gamers have been putting up with it for ages.

Also, do you really think MGS4 would've been "fine" without the installs?

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