Thestar: Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway review

TheStar Writes:

"As for the actual story being told in this epic microcosm of The Big One, well, good luck trying to follow it. The Hell's Highway tale is told in a convoluted series of flashbacks that serve to flesh out the same story told from other angles in the previous two Brother's in Arms games. If you haven't played those or simply can't remember what happened, well, just sit back and enjoy the narrative's amazing cinematics, nod and smile knowingly. It doesn't actually matter.

As a somewhat cerebral, more methodized take on first-person-shooters, Hell's Highway also makes for a meatier, online multiplayer game that seems to be attracting players more mature than your average teen-angst-addled, comp-courageous shooters and showboaters, which is nice.

Either way, though occasionally flawed and sometimes unwieldy, Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway is certainly a solid squad-based shooter, and the fact that there aren't that many of this sub-genre shooter ilk out there makes it a tantalizing stray form the norm."

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OooSheeet3447d ago

I bought it on the day it came out, I was a huge fan of the first two. I had seen all of the so-called "gameplay" movies that were all over the internet, but what actually came out of the box had nothing to do with any of them! They showed us one thing and palmed us off with another. The first two games gave you the opportunity to try different tactics, there was always more than one way to achieve your objective and this gave the first two games a lifespan. This pile of crap was an embarrassment! Crappy graphics; like brickwork that looked like it had been drawn on cardboard by retarded schoolchildren with crayons! MG42's that only fire at you. Germans that can shoot round corners. There is no replay value in this truly crappy game, most of the levels weren't worth playing the first time. Lame cheesy storyline told through overly long cutsceens with frame rate issues. The only enjoyment I got from pile of crap was when I brought it back to the shop for a refund! We have "Next-Gen" consoles but this piece of woodwork shows we don't yet have "Next-Gen" game developers!

FCOLitsjustagame3447d ago

I was a big fan of the first ones and this delivered everything I expected in a great single player experience.